What kind of cable is used for charging piles?

by:AAA     2021-03-25
With the popularity of electric vehicles, the frequency of charging pile cables in daily life has also significantly increased. Charging pile cables of different qualities are very different in service life, assessing effect, etc. Therefore, consumers need to choose first-class charging pile cables. The following will introduce the four advantages of professional charging pile cables for ordinary consumers.

1. Good security
High-quality charging pile cables often use better quality raw materials and are designed and produced according to technical specifications. And in the process of cable installation, the responsible manufacturer will strictly control the workers' operation process. All of these make the final product's thermal cycle capacity far higher than those of inferior quality products, thereby reducing the risk of cable burnout and electric shock, thereby better ensuring the safety of use.

2. High applicability
The high-quality charging pile cable has high conductivity and can better adapt to different currents to be used on more occasions. For example, indoor charging piles and outdoor charging piles often have different currents, so cables with higher applicability are required.

Three, strong durability
Quality charging pile cables have better corrosion resistance, and the aging speed is much lower than that of inferior products. Therefore, these cables' life cycle in actual use is more extended, generally two to three times the life cycle of ordinary lines.

4. Good energy-saving effect
Charging pile cables using copper as the primary material is of better quality than lines using other materials. Copper has a lower resistance, which makes it more energy efficient. On the other hand, in post-recycling, copper can be directly recycled and used without downgrading.

In summary, high-quality charging pile cables have at least four apparent advantages: good safety, high applicability, strong durability, and good energy-saving effect. In fact, in daily use, a good quality cable will also have other advantages: good flexibility and high bending. Therefore, although the price of a suitable charging pile cable may be slightly higher than that of an ordinary line, a careful consideration of all factors will find that its cost performance is much higher than that of standard cables.
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