What is the defect cable heating floor

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] What is the defect of floor heating cable SXXLJT P a, working mechanism, it is well known that when the power supply wire after an electric current, copper wire will generate a large amount of heat loss. So that the transmission of electrical energy is failure, subdued. ( Copper wire) Wire diameter is smaller, by electric current, the greater the, the greater the heat loss, this phenomenon is called 'current load overload'. In daily life, for a long period of time 'current load overload' will make the overload of high temperature electric wire to a few baidu, is the culprit causing most of the fire accident! Therefore, the state power wiring in decoration take cover engineering all have strict regulations, resolutely put an end to the emergence of this phenomenon. The working principle of heating cable is used for the shortcomings of 'current load overload', and developed the heating floor heating products. It at the grass-roots level with the ground heat conduction through the high temperature cable, ground temperature, to achieve the effect of floor heating. Second, the system composition and characteristics of 'wire plate line + insulation board + thermostat' that formed a floor heating system. Characteristic: the linear heat conduction heating, no infrared radiation heating. The drawback of the three, heating cable, the working mechanism is unreasonable, high energy consumption, ) Linear heating element, the effect of the defects in order to achieve uniform floor heating heating cables must be repeatedly wound under the ground. Its purpose is to make the underground line high temperature ( The cable temperature ℃ or higher) Into planar body at low temperature ( The ground temperature ℃ or less) 。 As a result, the same ground heating effect, the required power configuration requires higher ( Power configuration = w/m2) 。 ( ) The drawback of the loss of line loss heating cable is another weakness: electrical energy ( The amount) The line loss. As heating element must exist in coil form, wire each add a bend, it will increase the loss of power transmission. Its principle is like repeated bending pipe, must feed water pressure increase. The above two points, determines the actual energy consumption of heating cable high. There are instances, Shanghai top grade apartment house square meters of housing, years after installed the heating cable, in its electricity for multivariate, to month after cooling, outdoor the electricity up to yuan. , lower reliability of control system for heating cable itself under current condition, the wire temperature rising ( Until fuse) 。 Therefore, must use the outer temperature control system to prevent cable high temperature and high temperature fuse. So, all the thermostat for heating cable configuration are two sets of temperature control system is designed. One is to control the temperature, the indoor environment is the control cable temperature ( Prevent cable overheat) 。 When one of two temperature control system meet the set requirements, the thermostat to cut off the power supply, heating cable stop working. Heating cable of this kind of control mode, makes the safety of the whole system depends entirely on the matched quality fit and unfit quality of the thermostat ( Rather than the product itself) 。 Once the thermostat failure of form a complete set, then the whole system will collapse. If the ground cover material of flame retardant goods, will result in a great loss to users with an awful finality. Require high, concrete surface layer of the nature of the heating cable is wire. As you can imagine, underground root ℃ ( Even higher) High temperature wire, like a knife at work usually baked the cement layer. And fear of cement is high temperature. High temperature will make the strength of the cement is greatly diminished. General cement embankment in order to prevent the summer the sun ( When the surface temperature reaches ℃) Caused by the road surface crack, needs laying thickness at least cm high quality cement. Such conditions laid in general civil residence, it is difficult to achieve. At the same time, the ground water mud cracks generated huge gravity, will make the ground cracking materials such as ceramic tile, marble. In addition, high temperature cable damage in insulation board is also very serious. Due to the high temperature cable, will make close to the cable insulation board on the edge of melting gradually. At this point, the cable will long into the insulation board, and gradually from the cement layer. Because of the cable to reduce the contact area with the cement layer, cable transmission to the heat of the ground also gradually reduce, thus affecting the heating floor heating effect, and increases the energy consumption.
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