What do you mean cable skin color

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Cable what skin color SXXLJT P everyone know all kinds of cable products inside a few wires have different color, the color is what? Below is copper bridge electric co. , LTD. Small make up to you to introduce the network cable what color is representative of the above. Black: internal wiring devices and equipment. Brown: the positive dc. Red: the three-phase circuit and phase C; The collector of a semiconductor triode; A semiconductor diode, rectifier diode or silicon controlled rectifier tube cathode. Yellow: the three-phase circuit of A phase; Semiconductor triode base; Silicon controlled rectifier pipe and the bidirectional thyristor control. Green: the three-phase circuit of phase B. Blue: dc negative; Semiconductor triode emitter; A semiconductor diode, rectifier diode or silicon controlled rectifier tube anode. Light blue: the zero line of the three-phase system or the neutral line; Dc earthed neutral. White: the main electrode of the bidirectional thyristor tube; No specified coloring semiconductor circuit. Yellow and green double color ( Each color ~ mm wide alternant attached) ; Safe with ground wire. Parallel: red, black with double conductor or double stranded wire connection of ac circuits. Ac three-phase circuit of A phase: yellow; B: green. C: red; Zero line or neutral line, light blue; Safety with grounding line: yellow and green double color. With double conductor or double stranded wire connection circuit of communication: red and black in parallel. The positive dc: brown; Negative: blue; Earthed neutral: light blue. The collector of a semiconductor circuit of semiconductor triode: red; Base: yellow; Emitter: blue. Semiconductor diode rectifier diode and anode: blue; Cathode: red. Silicon controlled rectifier tube anode: blue; Control cabinet: yellow; Cathode: red. Control of bidirectional thyristor tube pole: yellow; The main electrode: white. The whole internal wiring devices and equipment general recommendation: black; Semiconductor circuit: white; When there is confusion: choose tolerance specified coloring outside the other color ( Such as: orange, purple, grey, green, blue, rose, etc. ) 。 Specific standard colors, on a wire, in case there are two or more color, depending on the specific situation of the circuit, in accordance with the circuit you need to represent a certain meaning of color.
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