What cable fire prevention measures

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] What cable fire prevention measures dianlan P cable fire prevention measures commonly used: use flame retardant cable; Use fire cable bracket; Adopts the fireproof paint; The place such as cable tunnel, mezzanine export set fire partition, fire damper; Aerial cable to avoid oil pipeline, explosion-proof door, otherwise due to partial wear tube or heat insulation fire prevention measures. Power cable fire prevention measures to prevent cable fire spreading combustion measures are:, plugging, coating, insulation, sealing bag, water spray, and other. Coatings, plugging material must be qualified through national technical appraisal, and by the public security department of production license shall be issued for factory production, its products should be suitable for cable of non-combustible or flame retardant materials, refractory time and meet the requirements of specification. To pay attention to the fire of diluent when brushing. All through the walls, floor and cable channel into the control room, cable interlayer, control cabinet and dashboard, protective plate of the place such as the cable hole, hole, shaft, and the cable entrance into the oil region must use fireproof plugging material tight seal. Power cable along with a certain length can be coated with fireproof paint or other flame retardant material. In cable trench, near the oil filled equipment should be equipped with secondary fire prevention measures, cover should be sealed. If you need the completed cable cable fire prevention measures of cable layer on new, must make the corresponding fire prevention measures in a timely manner to fill. The appropriate cable inside the corridor every m fire partition. It is strictly prohibited to put on the steam pipe directly, the cable overhead laying cable, cable and steam pipe net distance should not be less than m ( Power cable) And. m( Control cables) With oil pipeline net should increase as far as possible. Cable interlayer, tunnel ( Gallery) , shaft, in cable trench should be clean, and shall not pile up sundry, in cable trench hole it is forbidden to drip. Turbine, boiler ash near the nose hole, explosion-proof door and cold mill door pressure release vents, may not be on cable, or fire protection measures must be taken, If use lid, enclosed slot box) 。 In the cable interlayer, tunnel ( Gallery) Way, groove hole perfusion, the insulation of the cable box agent melting insulation work shall be carried out in the outside. In the case of multiple cable head installed side by side, should add division between cable head or filling flame-retardant materials. To extinguish tunnel ( Gallery) Cable head is on fire, poorly ventilated places, should be put on the oxygen breathing protector and insulating gloves, insulated shoes on. Power cable joint between both sides of the box and its adjacent area, should increase the fire protection package take measures such as flame retardant. To prevent the construction of power cables and control cables readjusting, cable distribution and accumulation of the place. Between power cables and control cables, should be set fireproof partition between the layers. Turbine power plant, boiler room, the coal conveying system appropriate USES armor cable or flame retardant cable, is not applicable to common plastic cable. More information on cable quotation, cable purchase, cable, etc. , can login China cable industry network HTTP / / WWW. 电缆。 com
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