What cable companies to win the next ten years

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] Cable companies take what to win over the next decade useful P 'savage' growth for now there's no point in China's cable industry, cable industry needs from the old to the new transformation, need new talent, new technology, new capital to the original business strength for a revolution. Although the transformation of innovation for many years, for most of the cable companies, transformation has become a consensus, but taking a serious doing much, transformation of success more scarce. On the road of the transformation of good to great, cable enterprise collective met big camp 'transformation'. Based on the existing models, the development of the enterprise after ten years can't see you need transformation. The transformation means that enterprises should try to change, but change is not necessarily will be successful. Successful transformation of hard-won, behind it is 'when to go? How to turn? 'And so on a series of problems. Under the innovation driving the trend of the economic growth in China, facing the macro economic situation at home and abroad and the cable industry overcapacity, homogeneous competition, price competition, such as status, entrepreneurs also need by arbitrage entrepreneurs to innovative entrepreneurs, innovation in talent, technology, capital, etc. In front of the new economic mode, the conventional wisdom of the past few decades have failed to keep pace with the needs of the development of times, it is a real worry cable enterprise transformation and upgrading of key. Line in the transition period, can develop for business transformation and upgrading of the senior talents is the key. If you don't come over human resource policy adjustment, will face the status of the enterprise development and talent development. Second, must change in the past relies mainly on the inputs and production scale of extensive growth pattern, through product innovation and process innovation further energy conservation and emissions reduction, reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution, realize the transformation of green development, constantly improve the enterprise to create value profit. Enterprises should also pay more attention to compound technology, a new technology with another compound between the new technology. Products and services to form a new value, a combination, it will be a bright spot. Today and in the future enterprise competition, depends on entrepreneurs how to deal with the transformation of capital operation problem? To obtain the maximum economic benefits, must constantly improve the level of capital operation, especially in the transformation period, the control of assets and capital rationing is key link. Include today's hottest 'Internet +', also is the effective point of cable companies, promote efficiency of traditional industries. As long as rely on operations, channel and brand advantage has failed to keep pace with the demand competitive times, we need to change. From quantitative change to qualitative change is painful, of course, but after the disintegration is strong. In the transformation from good to great, cable enterprises need to constantly improve team culture, fine management process, the diversification of capital operation, reduce the risk transformation.
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