What are the main factors causing 'cable shooting?

by:AAA     2020-03-16
Since people began to find the use of electricity, wires and cables have become the main carriers of power transmission. Whether it is electrical equipment, lighting lines or household appliances, all aspects cannot be separated from wires and cables. Although it is only a supporting industry, it occupies more than half of the market of the electrical industry. The quality of wires and cables will directly affect the quality of the project and people's safety, as well as the development prospect of cables. In the process of operation of wire and cable, there are often such and such accidents, especially when non-standard wire and cable are used. When the cable is running, two phases (And multiphase) When grounding or phase-to-phase short-circuit faults, most of them cause system tripping, which is commonly known--Shoot. Let's talk about the main factors that cause 'cable shooting? 1. The short-circuit faults between the three-phase core wires inside the cable, or the short-circuit faults of one of the relative cable sheath, will generate very large heat, causing the fault to burst. 2, such as particles, impurities, bubbles in the insulating layer, or external mechanical damage. 3. Check whether the cable is bent too much and hurt the cable. 4. The bending radius is too small, the mechanical external force is damaged, the ion release of DC resistance test is not completed, and the rated current is overloaded. Cable blasting occurs during operation, which will cause sudden trip of the system, which is extremely unfavorable to production. We believe that if the cable system often has blasting failures, it means that there are big problems in the construction, operation, maintenance and management of the cable line, which should be paid enough attention, after the emergency repair work is completed, the cause should be carefully found and eliminated to avoid another shooting accident.
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