What about FOB of armored control cable ?
Please contact our customer Service regarding the FOB for special items. We'll explain the terms and requirements immediately when we begin the discussion, and to get everything in writing, so there is never any uncertainty on what has been agreed upon. If you're unsure about which Incoterms is more valuable for you, or you have any further questions, our sales specialists could help!

For many years, Guangdong Cable Factory Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the design and manufacture of electric vehicle cable. We are regarded as a reliable manufacturer and supplier in the industry. halogen free cable is the main product of AAA . It is diverse in variety. Each AAA 1 sq mm pvc insulated flexible wire undergoes vigorous structural design analysis such as windproofness test to provide outstanding performance throughout its life cycle. It has a high corona limit, which makes it advantageous on high voltage overhead lines. What is important is that this quality product is designed and made to prevent the colors from fading during regular laundering. The product has a better atmosphere aging resistance property.

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