Weighing ingredients system for rubber plastic ingredients link to offer help

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Weighing ingredients system for rubber and plastic ingredients link help joyu P batching system is the key to the plastic rubber production working procedure, the accuracy of the ingredients directly affects the quality of the plastic and rubber. Computer ingredients as the rise of automation technology in recent years, has won the favor of many industry. Especially in the process of rubber ingredients, taught in the past the traditional rigid artificial process, have made a qualitative weighing ingredients in the ingredient section over the emergence of the weighing system for rubber mixing ingredients into the strong power, make its ingredients process. Weighing batching system is a set of control and management in the integration of intelligent computer batching system, superior performance, stable and reliable. With high-grade industrial computer as host ingredients, combined with work station, mimic panel and scale body into a full set of control system, integrating control, management, optimization, performance is superior. Rubber industrial weighing batching control system principle: rubber weighing batching control system according to the production formula, selected ingredients, artificial add the batch of material bin, the touch screen man-machine interface to set each material put shoes, press start ( 开始) PLC send loading instruction after the key, and the bunker valve is opened, the metering valve is closed, materials into the dou inside, when the material weight reaches the preset value, the weighing sensor will send signal to the PLC, PLC stop charging instructions, bunker valve closed at this time, weighing hopper open the discharge valve, the material by the conveyor belt transmission and eventually falling into a feed box. Above action to complete a ingredients, two for loop. Zhongyu provide weighing batching system is in accordance with the DCS distributed control and concentrated management thoughts, based on the process control and data acquisition, developed by the company for many years experience and has a high level of domestic centralized-distributed computer batching system. Computer ingredients to rubber ingredients into a strong power. It adapted to the various material in the process of measurement, the ratio of material to rubber, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, chemical fertilizer, cement, food and other industries ideal equipment in the production process control.
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