Weighing ingredients equipment: have important influence to the development of rubber industry

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Weighing and dispensing equipment, for the development of rubber industry has important influence on joyu P in the commodity market, the quantity is quite large granule, in feed, rubber, food, medicine, spices and other industries has been employed, and deeply to the mass consumer's favour, but in recent years our country automobile the emergence of a large number of 'back door' to China's auto market shrouded in a layer of the shadow of 'security', this kind of situation, for the development of the automobile in China is pretty bad. But in any case, the development of the auto industry is inseparable from the weighing of dispensing equipment, it is of great value in the development of rubber industry is also affected. Such as seals, rubber raw materials, paint, PVC, electronic components, chemical raw materials, such as whether it is solid powder, liquid, particle are need to use particle weighing dispensing equipment. Weighing dispensing equipment to control the quality of the products, to avoid quality problem caused by mismatch, leakage caused by the loss of enterprise, maximum limit reduces the labor intensity of workers, ensure worker health, prevent artificial ingredients error, improve safety. Other centered in the rubber enterprise technology research and development ability, the machining accuracy, automation and cost reduction, etc, and achieved some results. Rubber tire enterprises is undergoing major structural adjustment, from the product upgrades, technical renovation, capital operation and international operation to find breakthrough, in order to keep healthy steady and fast development of industry enterprises. If each big industry attaches importance to product quality problem, then there will be no similar recall gate time. Ingredients of weighing equipment adopts programmable control system, also it can complete the automatic weighing, measuring, filling, ingredients, to product delivery process at one time, and can according to need to configure the different electronic weighing system, in the continuous improvement of technology, products are also constantly upgrading the system, the development of the rubber market contributes an own strength.
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