Waste using new skills: British university urine can be converted to electricity

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Waste using new skills: English university urine can be converted to electricity globledata P recently, according to foreign media reports, the university of west of England and oxfam invented a waste using new skills, namely 'pee energy', to be able to urine into electricity. Researchers at the university of west of England, said human urine output total approximately every year. Trillions of liters, they believe that if make the, urine can wash away from the toilet waste into quality and cheap source of energy. University of west of England to cooperate and oxfam, first built a prototype man's room, now that a man's room to produce enough power to the toilet for interior lighting. Encourage faculty members and students in the toilet to urinate, collect urine, the urine can pass urine pool bottom row tube of the converter, the urine into electricity. , according to the school staff have in converter can be broken down, the digestion of urine microorganisms, these microbes in the process of urine can generate electricity, the biochemical energy center in years found that urine decomposition of the energy needed for electric power is enough to charge a mobile phone. A is equipped with a 'toilet pee energy', current cost about sterling, belongs to consumable converter about pounds each, but at present only male urinary pool toilet of a style.
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