Warmly celebrate the 2015 wire and cable industry high-end technology symposium a complete success

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] Warmly celebrate in wire and cable industry high-end technology symposium a complete success globledata P & lt; Div class = 'rich_media_content 'id =' js_content '> month, in the conference room of songshan lake summer holding the wire and cable industry high-end technical seminar, this seminar is in recent years in south China's largest wire and cable industry high-end technical seminar. The sincerity, have been invited to institute of electrical and electronic engineering, dean of the school of Chen Qingguo, professor, PhD, director of the institute of Han Baozhong, wen-long chang, Dr, professor, director of the institute of technology institute of technology professor xiao-hong zhang tutors, minister of China quality certification center zhi-guo xie heavyweights such as taking part in the meeting. The meeting by black ants cable network ( www。 globledata。 com) , jiangsu h&q machinery co. , LTD. , dongguan shaped industrial co. , LTD. Jointly organized. The meeting mainly discussed based on the cable insulation theory research progress of nanometer composite material, current situation and prospect of fiber optic cable, cable, Material) New dynamic product standards and certification, our country present situation and development trend of cable materials, cable production, testing and monitoring in the field of industrialization, new energy electric wire technology and the market prospects for discussion. The main purpose of this meeting is to assist the enterprises understand the industry development trend, promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and for the enterprise to introduce new and low cost material information, relying on ha polytechnic, help enterprises to solve the bottleneck of talent and technology, expand enterprise project cooperation channels, to provide enterprises and schools project docking, relying on the technology, to provide professional training for a long time, not high-end technology seminar held on a regular basis. On the day of the meeting from all over the country many famous cable enterprise representatives attended the seminar, conference, production base of science and officially settled in black ants electric wire electric cable network, the Meg conduction technology field also sign production base of science and technology cooperation, in the meeting, the new cable research institute experts excellent speech and report results. To celebrate the symposium a complete success, the black ants, wire and cable network invite to dongguan station, dongguan daily, sun network wire and cable industry in high-end technical seminar for propaganda, and introduced the first in dongguan and advertising. < /div>
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