Warm congratulations 'CQC guangzhou branch wire inspector training' a complete success!

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Warm congratulations 'CQC guangzhou branch wire inspector training' a complete success! Gdwca P warm congratulations 'China quality certification center of guangzhou branch wire inspector training' a complete success! < div > < / div > < Div > relevant personnel in a timely manner to help enterprises to understand and grasp the implementation of wire products production and inspection requirements, the cable industry for service quality talents, have opened the analyst practical class. From the condition of sampling observation of quality analysis, enterprise product sampling inspection is unqualified, in addition to the quality of the product itself, is associated with the difference of enterprise inspection personnel operation skill; Enterprise to the operation of the inspectors of actual combat and operating essentials of learning is imperative, solve lead to adverse conditions by different test methods; By CQC guangzhou branch senior engineer chun-yong Yang solutions and operation of actual combat demo for you. Organizer: China quality certification center of guangzhou branch to undertake units: wire and cable industry in guangdong province association unit: dongguan reach testing technology co. , LTD. To recognize & lt; div > < / div > < Div > China quality certification center of guangzhou branch CQC staff, most business is the largest branch, work area including guangdong ( In addition to shenzhen) And in guangxi. Main business includes factory inspection, product certification, the second party audit, training and other business, 2 consists of a certification, certification, certification of three, check a, inspection department 2, check the three department, training department, green design research and development base in south China and the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) quality certification testing center, Marketing Department, technology department, comprehensive department, department. Guangzhou branch since years was formally established, after years of development, adhering to the 'harmonious, enterprising, responsible' CQC core cultural concept and 'persistence' sincere, 'the concept of customer service, with a wide range of professional, technical comprehensive, high quality talent team, to provide efficient, high quality within the jurisdiction of the' one-stop 'services. < Div >, in the training meeting, Yang Gong share of the new situation, the quality of wire and cable industry with emphasis on recent CQC sampling failure case of cable industry, and GB/T standard JB/T wires of the difficulty and failure analysis. , in the afternoon, Yang Gong on-site field, the students on resistance bridge detection method, the scene to guide students to actual testing operation, conductor resistance test, electrical, pressure test, and the students also actively involved in the operation. And answer students questions through this study, the students can from theory to practice, in-depth grasp wire detection methods and techniques, production of qualified high-quality products to provide security for the enterprise. Right from the perspective of professional wire products production and inspection of related knowledge, master wire products related testing project experiment method. < / div > < / div > < / div > < div > < / div > < Div > wire and cable industry association of guangdong province & lt; / div > < Div > date & lt; /div>
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