Walter library network to promote industrial enterprise purchasing and marketing a big change

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] Walter library network to promote industrial enterprise purchasing and marketing dramatically change WDM P enterprise procurement information, marketing process informatization is the trend of The Times, with the electricity use mature technology and procurement marketing tools, more and more industrial and engineering enterprises purchasing behavior from the traditional information platform and information technology tools to use and optimize configuration of enterprise resources effectively, realize the personalization, reduce inventory, reduce cost, improve efficiency, increase the enterprise's core competitiveness. Such as cable, construction materials, instruments and meters, pump valve installation, high and low voltage electrical, information equipment, machinery and equipment, engineering equipment, electrical equipment, etc. , and engineering construction, petroleum, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, coal, water treatment, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other special equipment, most are non-standard products, non-standard electric business platform technology will bring a new industrial revolution. Walter library network industrial enterprise purchasing and marketing give new vitality. Walter library industry network ( VOCOOR。 COM) Wizard is Beijing science and technology co. , LTD. Investment of large industrial e-commerce service platform and vertical subscription service website, is the world's first truly achieve industrial products, engineering services online order selection of large trading services web site. Main features: the realization of the non-standard electrical products business, is based on industrial product standardization and custom factors caused by price change and the law of the change and development of professional electric business platform, and realize enterprise material selection straight mining, online bidding procurement, bidding, entrust procurement service industrial electric business platform. Problem solving: mainly solve the engineering construction, industrial supplies, services, procurement and marketing problems, help manufacturing enterprises to achieve industrial electronic commerce; To help enterprises achieve procurement informationization demand; Help large state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises procurement informationization, the industrial e-commerce technology development services. Core of business: construction enterprises purchasing big data and supply data, through the online order selection, online bidding, bidding procurement, supply and demand matching fully realized the two big data docking; Through the four services fully integrated ground, solve the maximum value of supply and demand of sourcing and marketing enterprises. Business goals: do the world's most valuable industrial electric business platform, build global industrial chain. Quality requirement: the product in principle for the domestic similar products in the top, the international top name brands. Network library industry purchasing zone in how to help enterprises to purchase information? Customization for the member enterprises procurement section, the realization of online selection matching purchase order straight mining, supply and demand, on-line bidding, bidding online. To implement purchasing process management informationization. Companies also can not change the original procurement and supply system, based on supply chain management, as well as marketing and purchasing resources for supplier, supplier in purchasing zone and platforms to reach the company industrial electric marketing service zone and purchasing zone. Four ground service implementation integrated trading seamless docking, 'VOCOOR platform + + + online buyers suppliers flexible service' four one integration service mode. Free experience purchasing zone: HTTP / / WWW. vocoor。 com/aider/purchase。 PHP to join purchasing enterprise supply chain: HTTP / / WWW. vocoor。 com/
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