Wake up and found it connected to the Internet is so close to us

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Wake up and found it connected to the Internet is so close to our aipuwaton P 'national car networking industry system construction guide ( Intelligent made cars) ( Years) 'Regulation, to year, preliminary build capable of supporting auxiliary and the low level of autonomous intelligent made car standard system, establish standard items of intelligent snatched the car key. Will set up a 'national standardization technical committee intelligent made car technical committee', establish standard formulation, formulate and publish the implementation of the green channel. What is the ultimate car networking technology development? The network expert analysis thinks, on the word 'networking' on baidu search by people for the first time, and on the same day China international Internet exposition and China Internet conference opening, this shows that the concept of 'networking' implied in the 'Internet of things' at the earliest. Based on the definition of China's iot alliance between colleges, the car network is made up of vehicle information such as position, velocity and route of the great interaction network. Visible, 'networking' source is put forward to intelligent architecture person, vehicle, road three relations. For the 'car networking', people first thought is of by GPS, RFID, sensor, camera, image processing, such as installation, let the vehicle automatically own environment and status information acquisition; And then through the Internet technology, its all kinds of information transmission converge to the central processing unit (CPU); Again through the computer technology, to a large number of vehicle information analysis and processing, and the best way of different vehicles is calculated, timely report the road and arrange the light cycle. From a technical point of view, car networking concept is put forward, has been involved in sensing, global positioning, information collection, communication, data processing and feedback, the intelligent control and so on many high technology and new technology. Car key 'ag' networking, VX is refers to the car facilities and equipment of short distance wireless communication with the outside world, including cars and car ( (VV) , cars and roadside devices ( VR) , cars and infrastructure ( VI) And cars and pedestrians ( 副总裁) Wait for a variety of scenarios. VX is the most critical car networking, the core technology, is the foundation of car networking. Through the VX, cars can get real-time traffic, road information, the traveler information and a series of traffic information, improve the driving safety, reduce congestion, improve the traffic efficiency, improve construction experience, for intelligent traffic and eventually pave the way of automatic driving. 'Ag' two big communication technology at present: DSRC and LTEVX. Say first DSRC, this is a highly efficient wireless communication technology, based on. P standard, can be achieved in certain small areas ( Usually in the form of tens of meters) Moving target recognition under the high speed movement and two-way communication, real-time transmission image, voice and data information, the vehicle and road organic connection. Globally, the DSRC is intelligent transportation system ( 它的) An important subject in the study of, widely used in no parking fees, access control, team management, information services and other fields, we know the ETC system is based on the technology. That is DSRC technology has very mature, is the current mainstream technology ag. As the world's largest semiconductor manufacturers, grace wisdom pu is a strong supporter of DSRC technology, its development, just to get 'CITE innovation award' VX RoadLINK is a complete car safety VX system solutions. However, deputy director of the institute of China academy of information and communication technology and the standard Shang Libo prefers LTEVX. Based on the cellular mobile communication technology (, he thought, Or what we often say that the G/G) LTEVX standard release time is later than the IEEE. P standards, but in capacity, delay, manageability and anti-jamming algorithm is relatively more mature, has been formed to operate the whole network system. The implication, the capacity of the DSRC, time delay, can tube and anti-jamming of disadvantage. LTEVX technology to LTE cellular mobile communication network as the foundation of the VX communication, mainly solve the traffic between entities 'sharing sensing' ( 传感器分享) Problem, vehicle detection system can be ( Such as radar, cameras) From tens of meters, line-of-sight range extension to hundreds of meters, non line-of-sight range, exponentially increase the efficiency of the onboard AI and implementation in a relatively simple auxiliary driving traffic scenarios. LTE VX including centralized ( LTEVCell) And distributed ( LTEVDirect) Two kinds of technology. With base station LTEVCell among them for distribution centers, LTEVDirect is direct communication between the car. DSRC and LTEVX in small make up looks different, separate from the technical point of view, LTEVX seems to be better. So someone shouted out: 'DSRC belong to the present and LTEVX belongs to the future. 'But the technology advancement and advanced does not mean that the success of the market, the middle of the WiMAX folding halberd is very good, not to mention LTEVX also look at the G. Safe and reliable for car networking, above all else, in this respect, the advantage of DSRC is LTEVX cannot match. Hemudu always focus on the latest development of the Internet industry, more related dynamic, please listen to the next! Author: hemudu | intelligent building research center
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