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Vietnam into a 'world factory' instead of China? The collapse, after the production of the unshakable position in China

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Vietnam into a 'world factory' instead of China? Collapse after the production in the United States, China unchallenged adcrea P small new, great odie the younger sister to see Europe this month, apple was Revelations have asked AirPods wireless headset contract - — Chinese songs, share this summer testing products in Vietnam, apple's move also once has been interpreted as accelerating layout origin diversification, opening outside China manufacturing mode, to avoid additional fee for export. However, the latest case, apple seems to suddenly 'hesitation' after the trial production, at the same time, made in China also have a big good news. As one of the major suppliers of apple, China made precision because of its production AirPods sales rose, in the first half of this year's revenue has been achieved. One hundred million yuan, increased about %. Vertical precision is the one of the largest in the numerous consumer electronics manufacturers, the manufacturers are starting to win more orders from the old contract such as foxconn's hands, and in recent years, the state - precision has become a major supplier of AirPods. Some analysts pointed out that based on the hardware industry leader 'throne', set - precision is expected to become important parts of apple watches and other wearable equipment suppliers. AirPods industry also is generally believed that apple is one of the highlights of the market, and stand fast precision in the product's assembly has a considerable market share, this will also solid position in the field of Chinese enterprises in the global manufacturing. American suddenly regret after the production of Chinese enterprises in the good news is great pressure for Vietnam. You know, recently there are media reports that apple is Vietnam trial-produce AirPods wireless headset, but then the 'made in Vietnam' is frequently exposed many problems. Accordingly to Vietnam in the American companies, now Vietnam manufacturing has 'full', and wages are rising, the production efficiency is far less than workers in China, there have been a lot of beauty companies began to backpedal. Particularly worth mentioning is that the month this year, the United States will Vietnam on exchange rate on the watch list. As of the first quarter of this year, the United States imports from the year-on-year growth. %, Vietnam has thus become the import of the fastest growing country in Asia. Not only such, Vietnam has long been regarded as beneficiaries of changes in the global economic and trade relations, but now the outside feel more and more obvious point is: even if the southeast Asian countries and other countries interested in manufacturing of development, can take the place of China to become the factory of the world, that for several years. On the one hand, has a professional supply chain, which make China make smartphones, aluminum ladder, and vacuum cleaner and other powers of various kinds of products. And Vietnam haven't built up the supply chain. In Vietnam, with America's security certification and capital-intensive machinery factory find its trace. As some of the world, on the other hand, manufacturers hurriedly ran to the Vietnam factory to avoid the tariffs, the population of China/country has suffered a Labour shortage. Vietnam provided the cheap Labour, but compared with the one hundred million people in China, Vietnam only, and the roads and ports have been jammed. India is no lack of manpower, but skill level is too low, there is too much government rules. Singapore's strategic consulting corporate risk consulting analyst Giang Le said: 'now everyone is asking a question is: where should we go? Can not find the answer. 'Omnidex the company's chief operating officer may say:' China's lead over so - — Someone, no matter what you want to do. 'The company is an American industrial equipment companies produce large pumps. Omnidex moving some production to Vietnam, but have a kind of used for mining pumps require multiple components, and Vietnam factory at present can only produce a. She said: 'don't think the company moved to Vietnam, you can find what you want. ”
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