USB 4 update! New standard USB view

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] USB update! New standard USB see Bruce P USBIF Group yesterday announced the renewal of the USB, some changes have taken place again on the speed and the specifications, USB Promoter Group has announced the release of the USB specification, which is focused on architecture also adopted the Intel ( Intel) Provide the Thunderbolt protocol specification, launched as the future of USB, connecting our lives around the use of electronic products could be slightly different, let I take a look at what will have to change, as well as the impact, below we together and see it! Window one: USB - — Fully compatible with thunder and lightning, Thunderbolt about? Is one of the biggest changes in the USB specification, architecture adopted the Intel Thunderbolt protocol specification, which include the Thunderbolt technology, from the year Intel certification support Thunderbolt device, and in the years to open the standard, any company want to use Thunderbolt pay only a little amount of licensing fees, for the USB, Thunderbolt as 'built-in' among them, hardware manufacturers for the product to join the Thunderbolt, the largest power supply W Gbps, transmission rates, and can connect a HDR monitor or K a K display; Because the Thunderbolt technology already open and free of license fees, Intel announced free authorization lightning technology license! Perhaps the Thunderbolt in spring! So can reduce the product cost, the future is more able to support USB, in addition, USB expected downward compatible with USB. ,USB。 。 Highlight 2: USB - — Provides faster data transfer rate, docking stations manufacturers pay attention to one of the biggest changes in the USB specification, architecture is adopted the Intel Thunderbolt protocol specification, also the USB specification is the key to use the existing USBC ( Is the USB TypeC) Cable for dual channel transmission, through the Gbps certification can realize wire can reach Gbps ( Gigabits per second, one hundred million bits per second) Transmission rate, you may have seen in the past, writing on the product specification 'SuperSpeed USB', it is limited to the USB specification, high transfer rate of Gbps, whereas Gbps is currently the highest rate of times, the USB toughening physical connectivity products, will transmit the data from the sending device of split into two separate data streams, and in into a data stream on the receiving device to read correctly, note that the transmission process including any device, wire rod, and even in the middle of the hub in line with the USB specification, in order to achieve the above performance, and wire to USBC interface to become mainstream, thus will accelerate the elimination of old type USBA interface related products. Point three: the future new norms of USB TypeC after into lightning technology will be compatible with almost all current application scenario, according to official data released by the Intel now industry using the Thunderbolt ( The thunder) Pace is picking up, thunder and lightning in Windows and macOS and Linux got popularization, USES the port number of PC continue the momentum of doubling every year, have to do mark, such as all Mac is equipped with a lightning port, more than PC designs used the thunder and lightning, peripherals number also continue the momentum of doubling every year, currently has more than certified equipment, including docking stations, display, storage, external graphics. Intel Thunderbolt ports like flying fast! More devices will use it, since Intel value, compatible with the USB interface specification, C more than half of the thunder will be successful. Point four: USB - — TypeC interface compatibility of the product of the return of the king of the existing USBTypeC has to a certain extent, and the integration of the thunder, as Intel completely open lightning technology licensing, integrating from the underlying agreement together, both mutual benefit: USB can get double again, as thunder with lightning speed Gbps, and as much as W of power supply capacity; Lightning can use USB, accelerate your popularity. From the USB. Began to include is the latest release of USB, the traditional type A and B interface has been completely abandoned, TypeC will become the only exists, because new ultra high speed with the help of this new interface of double channel transmission, of course, another big advantage is that it does not distinguish between positive and negative, are free to plug. Intel official said, open the lightning protocol specification has a major milestone, this will take the most simple, the most complete of function of port is open to all people to use, and the forthcoming nmIceLake processor will also native support thunder and lightning, and thus a win-win situation for the industry and consumers. As the USB standard issued, large-scale applications may is coming!
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