Urgent notice! Acceptance of draft market forgery state title! Don't accept!

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Urgent notice! Acceptance of draft market forgery state title! Don't accept! USB P in the near future, a public announcement in iron 2 bureaus, societe generale changchun forward to appear on the paper market street branch issued in the name of the iron 2 bureaus group co. , LTD in the electronic commercial acceptance bills. Societe generale changchun forward avenue branch not cooperative bank in iron 2 bureaus group co. , LTD. , the commercial acceptance bills issued not in iron 2 bureaus group co. , LTD. Currently in iron 2 bureaus has confirmed that this batch of societe generale changchun out along the street branch is full of fake tickets agency headquarters has been submitted to the economic, policemen are now on their way to changchun. According to the related announcement and incomplete statistics, at present the market circulation of iron 2 bureaus in false business ticket face value has been up to more than hundred million. In the era of electronic acceptance, generally think the bill will not be false problem, but as long as it is system, would be a mistake. Past electronic acceptance than low, acceptance bill forgery will be less. At present, the electronic acceptance has is the mainstream, the fake risk is bound to rise, many cheats the use of these holes for fraud. Not only that, acceptance and there are many loopholes, let many small micro enterprise squealed. , acceptance of draft does not solve the much-needed capital needs, especially the enterprise salary, pay taxes, pay the bank loan interest, to pay five social insurance and one housing fund and other rigid demand, cannot use acceptance, and low efficiency of individual Banks to deal with, also don't get the cash in the short term. , acceptance, increase the enterprise cost of capital, if hold expires after receipt of the acceptance, are generally a year and half a year, lead to enterprise capital turnover cycle lengthened; And need to pay fee, discount interest even when the discount in advance, at the same time, some still need to pay insurance cost to guarantee company, there is no doubt that increased enterprise's pressure! Originally small enterprise financing difficulties that is true, because have no collateral, and guaranteed loans difficult now. Now big business almost all the payment is accepted and tiny enterprises purchase material, wages, taxes, interest paid cash and so on. So there is interest, which undoubtedly less profit, how did this day. Unexpectedly, the problem of paper acceptance not only didn't solved, it emitted a vampire electronic acceptance, has been carried out in several provinces. During the two sessions this year, the National People's Congress, a group co. , LTD. , deputy party secretary, vice chairman, general manager xue-min liu also suggested, abolish all acceptance, including bank acceptance and trade acceptance.
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