Under construction in university found that fake cable package worth millions of dollars

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Under construction in university found that fake cable worth millions of dollars in total xianlan P recently revealed according to the media, is the expansion of the new campus of guizhou university phase ii project, counterfeit brand cable used to encounter illegal suppliers in students' dormitory building. Because the cable is fake, unable to ensure product quality and safety, hope reporter went to interview. By contacting source, the reporter learned that, it has aroused the Ministry of Commerce and industry, and attaches great importance to guizhou university, is a field investigation for the related personnel. Survey found illegal suppliers counterfeit guizhou star brand cable wire and cable co. , LTD. , through bad channels into the second phase of expansion in new campus of guizhou university engineering use. After a day of the investigation, huaxi district bureau of industry and commerce shall be ordered to stop the use of counterfeit cables, to ensure the safety of your overall dah sing campus building, at the same time ordered by cooperate with purchasing and suppliers of construction of the track. 'Through the investigation, the company not authorized other suppliers, in addition to our own use in the project of the cable, not through the other sales link to provide cable here, clearly illegal counterfeit. 'Guizhou star day wire and cable co. , LTD. , deputy general manager of sales Wang Kehai says, the morning they found stacked on the dormitory building site, after a lot of fake cable immediately turn to huaxi district industrial and commercial departments to investigate, and report to your big member with leadership. Reporter in guizhou university campus expansion project ( Phase ii) Headquarters interview SLATE to huaxi district industrial and commercial bureau bureau chief yue-wen zhang deputy director and Wu Zhonggui. They introduced, on the morning of the received 'guizhou star day', after complaints immediately organize industrial and commercial execute the law personnel rushed to the scene investigation, area industrial and commercial bureau leadership on the ground. After a whole day's investigation, find out unused fake cable up to ten thousand yuan. 'Before some cable has been used, and has also used a large number of fake cable, the total amount of fake cable, a preliminary estimate of millions of dollars. ” . jpg。 jpg
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