UL host wire and cable industry supply chain product safety peak BBS dongguan wire and cable industry association was founded in the same period

by:AAA     2020-04-27
( Industry news] UL host wire and cable industry supply chain product safety peak BBS dongguan wire and cable industry association was founded in the same period P report from our correspondent a month, the global leader in the field of product safety testing and certification UL ( 美国保险商实验室) With wire and cable industry association in dongguan hyatt international hotel hosted in songshan lake 'UL wire and cable industry supply chain product safety peak BBS', and from the world famous electronic, lighting, electrical appliances manufacturers, such as wire and cable manufacturers, international buyers and other industry representatives to share a feast to information and knowledge of ideas. Founded in years, we have learned, UL is internationally renowned product safety testing and certification body, has been recognized as the global leader in product safety standards, testing and certification. UL has developed over a variety of safety standards, its global network UL can provide reliable, efficient and localization service. UL will borrow the BBS in the face of dongguan and global cable manufacturing opportunities, job focus on exports of cables and other products within the standard and authentication is presented in all aspects of the problem and promotion. During the period of BBS, UL company executives, technical experts and customer representative, representative of international buyers and OEM, launched a series of activities are discussed. The BBS in the importance of 'compliance cable in OEM supply chain' as the first speech, then respectively 'UL to help OEM to ensure security and compliance in the supply chain cable products', 'lamps and lanterns, electrical appliances, and high-tech electronic manufacturers and brands need to understand UL cable compliance procedures' and 'certified by UL cable system tracing terminal product compliance' about ten games such as keynote speech activities. UL global vice President and wire and cable industry global general manager Mr Lai Lunhui said in a speech, as the end product of key parts and components, cable products compliance to ensure that the product of a supply chain security play a crucial role. Through BBS UL technical experts in the speech, the industry can not only to learn product compliance to the latest requirements of the international market, as well as outlining the magnificent blueprint for the healthy development of the industry in the future. During the BBS, also held a dongguan wire and cable industry association meeting, aims to integrate industry resources, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, promoting regional enterprise upgrading of industrial technology, promote the development of regional brand, for the development of enterprises to provide 'one-stop' work style, the omni-directional high-quality service and powerful support. Dongguan about wire and cable and the surrounding industrial enterprises, the foreign capital enterprise especially taiwan-funded enterprises accounted for more than half; Main products are electronic transmission cables and special high temperature cable, its industry output value of tens of billions of yuan, most of which products are exported to all over the world, half of global cable industry. Dongguan wire and cable industry association ming-bin li pointed out that for wire and cable products are exported to the highest concentration of labor-intensive enterprises, foreign enterprises the most dongguan wire and cable industry, UL has won global related praised by users, the export of electrical transmission cables and special cables are specific prerequisite. UL in hosting BBS, not only for the cable industry supply chain upstream and downstream vendors provide communication and exchange platform, at the same time the overall improve the industry recognition and understanding of the UL standard, reducing the overall improve product compliance and certification of time and cost saving, make the product more quickly into the global market. The personage inside course of study points out, the convening of the BBS as well as the establishment of dongguan wire and cable industry association, not only help stabilize the foreign capital enterprise, developing the local economy, also can promote the domestic transmission cables and special cables products in the field of technology development, also can thoroughly implemented in the fields of these products at home and abroad market docking and product technical standards, to create the 'made in China' brand wire and cable products. ( Wang Xiangming) < /DIV> [a edited] [a] in editing
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