UL for German Daimler group 'class A lab certification

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] UL for German Daimler group 'class A lab certification' USB P recently, suzhou UL certification meihua co. , LTD. German Daimler group 'class A lab certification. ' This certification is the Daimler group according to DIN EN ISO/IEC, A chapter to the law on the VDA UL suzhou lab for on-site evaluation and awarded after satisfactory conclusion is given. After following the clay reinfeldt's laboratory, laboratory cologne, suzhou lab as an important branch of UL in the asia-pacific region in a professional, precise, efficient service for the certification. This certification marks the UL suzhou lab in such aspects as professional ability and service level obtained the highest level of recognition, Daimler will herald the UL and Daimler group and its supply chain to carry out more extensive cooperation. In recent years, as one of the important strategic industries in the world, the automobile industry developing rapidly. With the steady growth of market, each country for car material test standard is increasingly severe. As a professional organization has years of history of safety science, UL has released nearly, department standards, involving safety, quality and sustainability. UL to rigorous scientific attitude, always a tens of thousands of all kinds of enterprises to provide the one-stop services such as testing, inspection and certification, help enterprise production safer, more accord with a standard product. After the UL test lab in the field of clay materials, allowed to become BMW group ( 描述Group) External lab partners, will be according to the BMW group standard, injection molding was carried out on the sample, and the corresponding test of thermoplastic materials. With highly specialized test lab and comprehensive material database, UL materials for automobile manufacturers and their suppliers and supply chain department, provide early ranging from product concept to product development, until the final production parts approval process, PPAP) Support, help to optimize product time to market. In addition to Europe, UL also began to deep local auto market, China -- — UL for new energy vehicles in China began, materials/components for the car manufacturers to provide localized services. The global layout, deep in the local market and will be one of the key for the future development of UL. Adhering to the 'Working for a safer world' concept, UL will help car manufacturers and suppliers to provide more security products, obtain more extensive trust and contribute to the auto industry and the global economic development.
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