Uhv vision investment trillion transmission equipment lead wire industry mutual benefit

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] Uhv vision investment trillion transmission equipment lead cable industry to benefit from heibaocjp P' Wire Show cable exhibition 】 According to state grid in a ring network 'five longitudinal and five horizontal' uhv ac, and the planning of the uhv dc back uhv domestic investment will be achieved. Trillions. Uhv become international standards in our country, as the chairman of national grid him source connected and construction started in the global promotion of Brazilian beautiful water uhv dc project, abroad uhv market is expected to gradually rise, become the guarantee of sustainable countries nate after high pressure volume market. State grid in planning and construction of a ring network 'five longitudinal and five horizontal' uhv ac and dc back, uhv large-scale investment will bring extreme pressure plate prices continued. As the country's leadership for uhv construction investment, support the energy structure adjustment and support environmental governance of middle step into a clear direction to know, such as uhv construction will enter the routinization in construction phase volumes. If considering the uhv technology in China as an international standard, easy to go abroad, the future will be more broad market space. Uhv to become an international standard, relying on 'all the neighbourhood' strategy, technology and engineering output will speed up years presents kinds of state grid consisting of uhv ac transmission technology standard system, become the national standard; Years later, on the international conference on smart grid, uhv technology to become an international standard of our country. Officially completed, completed the advanced technology and equipment for the global lead. Years, state grid electric power company of joint bid success with Brazil Brazil's beautiful landscape plant uhv dc transmission project, this is the first national grid in overseas bidding uhv dc transmission project. Project bidding 'marked the uhv technology major breakthroughs were made in' going out ', we believe that after the high-speed rail go abroad, uhv is expected to become the 'made in China' and a business card. This session of national leadership after taking office, began to push for 'all the way' strategy, establishing the image of China power in the world. 'Area' is a across Eurasia by railway, highway, aviation and maritime transport, oil and gas pipelines, transmission lines and communication network to form the comprehensive three-dimensional traffic network connectivity. 'According to the national grid ShuYin, general manager of puma's position along the' area 'economic belt transmission corridor for the construction of the power grid of China and central Asian countries, share of kazakhstan large energy base and the central Asia is rich in wind and solar resources. As 'area', the construction of the rapid development of economy brings to the residents along the electricity consumption, the rise of the relevant national electric power construction demand there will be a growing phenomenon. Considering developing countries along the silk road network construction is relatively backward, plus the backward countries local equipment enterprise technology, supply ability is limited, high import dependence, this technology has obvious advantage on the power equipment enterprises in China has brought substantial business opportunities. (date) (month) (year), the state grid to mention years to complete the annual work meeting of the international uhv network routes feasible jobs, state grid uhv technology on a large scale of output formally on the agenda. ( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC)
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