Uhv is bound to a faster development trend this year all the way to promote accelerated the uhv development

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Uhv is bound to this year is to speed up development trend in all the way to promote accelerated the uhv development of Shanghai electric cable research institute heibaocjp P show Shanghai electric cable research institute & lt; DIV风格= '显示没有' id = = profile_container js_profile_qrcode类> < DIV class = profile_inner> Shanghai electric cable research institute show WeChat ID XianLanZhan function of welcome attention from Shanghai electric cable research institute @ cable on exhibition. On line by the service industry more than 50 years, spread to new ideas, the exchange new technology for cable industry, spare no effort to build and expand the cable manufacturing at home and abroad show, information, trade and cooperation platform; Long cable wire at home and abroad and relevant professional academic conference, sponsored by the international and domestic cable wire related exhibition & lt; / DIV> < / DIV> < DIV id = js_content class = rich_media_content> Wire Show cable exhibition, state grid corporation chairman him said that at present our country highway, high-speed railway has been basically formed, but the uhv power grid is still in its infancy, especially large development space, uhv grid will lead the future development, it is recommended that the development of uhv power grid as a growth, structural adjustment, promote consumption, key project of fog, 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in continue to speed up the development, as soon as possible into the net, play a role. Uhv construction gaining momentum as we have learned this year, the national action plan for the control of air pollution involved 'four/five straight uhv project, respectively is XiMeng shandong, nanjing, Shanghai, tianjin south stake, huainan yulin-hengshan uhv ac project, shandong and zhejiang east ningxia, XiMeng taizhou shandong, Shanxi Province, jiangsu, yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai temple uhv dc engineering in guangdong. These projects will take Inner Mongolia, shanxi, shaanxi, yunnan electricity XiangJing beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta region, in the solution to the problem of shortage of electricity in these areas at the same time, effectively alleviate the increasingly serious smog problem. Month, stake tianjin south thousand volts high-voltage ac power transmission and transformation project construction, this also is this year the National Development and Reform Commission approved the first uhv engineering construction. Previously, (date) (month) (year), kv huainan nanjing to Shanghai, XiMeng shandong project of uhv ac and + kv east ningxia uhv dc project has commenced construction in zhejiang province. And in accordance with the relevant plan, the national action plan for the control of air pollution in the article the key transmission channel will be completed and put into production in the years, so this year uhv is bound to speed up development situation. 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in uhv will continue to develop at the end of the year, its southwest division, proposes scientific build SGC covering the southwest of sichuan, Tibet, chongqing power grid power grid planning. Which, in addition, according to the sichuan to east of the hub location, based on the uhv ac formed the backbone network frame and the uhv dc long-distance transmission, by 'strong alternating stiffness' reasonable collocation, to meet the needs of the national large-scale send China's energy strategy. At the same time, by introducing a hidden power, xinjiang electricity solve the problem of each load center dry period power supply gap, and bring forward China provide a steady power. Thus it can be seen that southwest of clean water and electricity to send end have larger space to develop uhv power network, in order to realize the southwest, northwest networks between water and fire power bidirectional complementary, at the same time sent outside of east China, south China. In fact, not only is the southwest power grid, the northwest, northeast and other energy bases also needs energy channel, to transfer the surplus electricity to the 'three China' load center, to achieve the optimal allocation of energy resources. It is understood that although the 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in during power demand growth will shift to the high speed, but demand growth space is still large, central region will continue for the national power load center. And make sure that the central region economic growth of the power supply, haze, to resolve the problem in central region, the need to build a batch of interregional cross-provincial power network project. At the same time, the uhv ac projects and uhv dc science is tie-in, can make power transportation efficiency, economy, stability, and at present our country has not yet formed 'strong alternating stiffness' reasonable collocation of uhv power grid, so during the 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in uhv and bigger space to continue development in our country. In addition, the national action plan for the control of air pollution in the 'four/five straight uhv just article, approval, are being built in the SGC began layout planning national action plan for the control of air pollution of the uhv project follow-up, will build' 5 to 8 straight uhv routes, it also shows the SGC 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' will continue to promote the development of uhv ambition. 'One Belt And One Road' power grid interconnection is the new space so far, SGC article has built the connectivity with its neighboring countries transmission lines, including Russia, Mongolia, kyrgyzstan and other countries are in 'One Belt And One Road' along the route. At the same time, south network through a channel to southeast Asia, Vietnam, myanmar, Laos sending, also belong to these countries' area line 'strategy. Practice has proved that the connectivity project in promoting the complementary energy resource development, strengthening regional economic cooperation and promote national economic development, improve the livelihood of the people in the area played an important role, such as our country has to accept the Russian power million kilowatt hour. Therefore, based on the long-term safe and stable operation of the uhv project, technology, the network can effectively implement the strategy of 'One Belt And One Road', promote the grid connectivity, with its neighboring countries to achieve the optimal allocation of energy resources more scope. At the same time, predictably, with the maturing of the uhv technology, the future of our country and central load center region is expected to use from 'One Belt And One Road' along the region's rich solar energy, wind energy, hydropower and other clean energy, not only can promote national power infrastructure construction, in order to increase the export of our country electric power equipment, achieving mutual benefit and win-win. ( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC) < /DIV>
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