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True to fry. 。 。 。 Ukraine hull damaged transmission line loose area

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] True to fry. 。 。 。 Ukraine hull damage to transmission line loose area RSJ P supply power to the Crimea in southern Ukraine, two main transmission line was damaged, the Crimean power outage in the morning, nearly ten thousand people are affected. Officials say the islamic extremists to participate in the destruction of transmission line. These are posted on social networking sites downed powerlines dry as the background picture to prove it. Crimea IS deputy prime minister silvio berlusconi, Barry buick thinks, the islamic group's organizers are illegal organization 'head of the Crimean tatar parliament' mustafa jamie Lev, surrounded him many extremists, including to the former in IS one of the Crimean tatar, and extremists from chechnya, uzbekistan and tajikistan. Barry buick, according to the damage is behind the attacks in militants extremism, it's a pity that these people settled in Ukraine, and jamie Lev provide political asylum, they pretend to be the Crimean tatar. These people even without disguise, with fallen poles for group photos in the background, and published on social networking sites. Earlier, the leaders of the Crimean sergei aksai grove said Ukraine hull damage to transmission line loose area is a terrorist attack, lead to the republic of Crimea transmission system has been completely paralyzed.
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