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Transformation horn sounded manufacturing automation equipment

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Automation equipment transformation horn sounded manufacturing sdjixie P in recent years, with the graduation season as in the work of college students hard to find, after the Spring Festival each year, manufacturing enterprises are facing the plight of 'work hard to get'. Labor cost, material cost and the condition of the land cost is rise not fall, greatly weaken the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises in the market, how to 'cutting expenditure' out of the woods is a manufacturing enterprise needs thinking about. Substitution 'machine' is a key way for the transformation of manufacturing industry in spite of the rising labor costs, but most bosses have said not even can't save any money in terms of salary, now not only difficult to dismiss workers and mention recruit skilled workers, some executives regrets: very easy to new culture as the backbone, but technology on people went away. 'Stay' hard 'and' stay your 'make the most of the manufacturing enterprise in the market. As is known to all, the transformation of manufacturing direction in intelligent manufacturing as the core, to improve the quality of technology progress and labor under the condition of the rising labor costs, only the choice of technology breakthrough in the end be manufacturing: with the machine substitution for the improvement of labor productivity. 'The machine' mean? Fully automated equipment or non-standard automation equipment, can according to the manufacturing enterprises tailored equipment. In fact, the manufacturing enterprises concentrated areas such as zhejiang, guangdong and jiangsu, substitution 'machine' has become a 'trend'. 'Machine substitution' only in guangdong dongguan, the declaration of the project is, years after the completion of the project estimation can reduce the labor of at least ten thousand people. A high-level machine manufacturing enterprises to reporters calculated bill, in terms of guangdong, a production line that need to be personal, but the use of automation equipment, just need someone can be completed, save the people, each worker average monthly salary, that is all. An automation equipment has tens of thousands of, even if your are more than ten. Average savings for a normal factory for hundreds of people. Is 'machine substitution' project for manufacturing industry, how important it is. The economic benefits of reducing the number of labor is very clear. In anhui province by the letter of survey data, for example, a workstation can replace personal auto production line, calculated according to the human costs ten thousand yuan per person per year, the cost of a workstation to replace the ten thousand yuan; And factories tend to be two shifts, a workstation to replace manpower cost is ten thousand yuan a year, at the same time, the manufacturing labor costs rise in growth of % per year or so. Number 'machine substitution' doing 'subtraction' at the same time, also made the quality of 'addition'. In manufacturing companies to streamline operations, any link wrong would lead to products for defects, and precise and orderly machine characteristics can effectively avoid some human error, improve product quality, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Sen jia machinery co. , LTD. , dongguan city, merchants to plug type industry substitution 'machine' to provide high quality and stable automatic terminal machine, learning Japanese, German industrial powers such as technology, using the world famous enterprises accessories. Constantly develop machine, open source throttling, for all customers to reduce cost increase profits.
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