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To deal with the eu directive wire and cable companies alert to six big mistake

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] To deal with the eu directive wire and cable companies alert to six big mistake day Hao P by electrical and electronic products for electrical equipment industry association and China environmental ecological design international seminar held in Shanghai. Issues on another meeting of the European Union directive, this is the EuP ( Energy products) The instructions. Energy products ( EuP) In the production, distribution, use and scrap stage will be a number of effects on the environment. According to statistics, more than % of the environmental impact associated with the design of the product, if in the product development phase can consider the environmental impact, can improve the environmental performance of products. With social progress and improvement of living standards, people became more and more attention to the environment. Governments, especially in the government in formulating policies, developed countries are increasingly considering environmental factors, to ensure the sustainable development of the society. This trend is the basis of the formulation EuP directive. The key to EuP directive mainly include ecological design requirements ( The first article) , CE mark, The first article) , conformity assessment and declarations ( The first article and article of the) And consumer information ( The first article) 。 Electronics manufacturing industry in the world after the United States, Japan and China, ranked first in South Korea, mainly through legislation, self-discipline of enterprises and set up a special project forms to deal with the eu environmental directives. The ecological design framework directive energy-using products ( EUP directive) This exergue full implementation, this is the European Union following the 'WEEE directive' and 'RoHS' directive, launched another technical barriers to trade. 'EUP directives' to specific energy consumption requirements of electronic products to be imported, the European Union on the implementation of the WEEE directive 'and' RoHS 'directive is related to old electronics recycling and poisonous and harmful material. These three mechanical and electrical products in China ( Including wire and cable products) Export of technical barriers to trade monitoring is wide and far-reaching influence, at present, the part in the process of wire and cable enterprises in dealing with the erroneous zone. Passive response. Quite a part of the wire and cable companies are still in wait-and-see, hope to government departments to provide the latest information in time or external representations, negotiations, will affect the minimum, and did not actively respond. Confused response. Some cable companies is not clear whether their products belong to the scope of the jurisdiction of the instruction, don't study the exemption list, blindly began to deal with; Some cable companies have blindly listen to customer comments, the customer request to test, freely increased costs. Blind optimism. The eu mainly through the market spot check form to implement environmental protection instruction, wire and cable products from exports to the eu market sales to be found the problem, over a period of time. Instruction to implement a lagged effect, part of wire and cable companies cope with lax exist in the process of thought. Take any chances. Used for the detection of the European Union has not yet been a unified standard and means of instruction execution when adopt the method of 'self declaration + selective examination', some wire and cable companies hold fluky psychology. The bigger point. A lot of wire and cable companies to cope with the instructions, samples will be sent to the laboratory for testing and think that the test of the cable sample is equal to the product meets the requirements, and to control the internal quality management was not given due attention. Uneven force. Wire and cable enterprise attaches great importance to the 'RoHS' directive, ignore the phenomenon of 'WEEE directive', and even a lot of wire and cable companies to 'EUP directive'. Experts said that China's wire and cable products exporter, the implementation of the three eu environmental directives has had a profound impact on related industries in China, the domestic wire and cable companies should know the main content of the three instructions as soon as possible, especially must pay close attention to its exemption list; Also speed up the cable production process improvement, improve the cable products quality management system, to ensure the production of cable products conform to the requirements of the European Union. [cuijiude edited]
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