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To continue in uhv decade doubts

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] To continue in uhv decade doubts P uhv decade (date) (month) (year), kv southeast shanxi - Nanyang - Jingmen uhv ac testing demonstration project running for ten years. This is the world's first commercial operation of uhv ac project. The project put into operation, marking China's power grid every jump to uhv kv voltage grade. Ten years, from the mountains to the south of the lower reaches of the yangze river, southwest from western gobi to the central plains, snow from the northeast to the shore of the bohai sea, the state grid management area 'eight straight 10' uhv beads into line, wired into network, gradually formed 'xd to east, north to south, fire, water, and each other aid, scenery complementary' new pattern of the energy of the Internet. Crisscrossed uhv, meet the needs of a greater range of optimizing the allocation of energy resources, an important force to promote transformation and upgrading of the energy, created China power new heights of scientific and technological innovation, changing China, also affect the world. However, the National Development and Reform Commission for the approval of uhv, has been in a question in advance, pressure. In our country for uhv ( Plus or minus) KV and above voltage grade S technology tracking research began in the century. The country's power grid is kv voltage level, the highest in developed in the last century s kv HVDC project. Kv power grid strong support for the many years of development of our country. But with the economic and social development of fast, large capacity over a long distance transmission capacity is insufficient, eastern shortage of land resources and environmental capacity constraints, unable to meet the new requirements. In three years, China held a '11th five-year plan' one city planning workshop. The development of east China kv voltage grids close to the limit, a shortage of corridor of grid resources, the short circuit current exceeds bid badly, several kv substation was forced to run were segmented, directly affect the safety of power grid. Regional distribution characteristics of energy resources in China and requirements, as well as the new development demand, makes the development of safety economy better, higher, stronger configuration ability of voltage grade become inevitable. This year, the state grid company put forward the construction of uhv, give full play to its advantage of long-distance, large-capacity transmission will all kinds of large energy bases in northwestern are connected with the main load of Middle East center, large scale optimization of energy resources. Later that year, our country began to focus on large-scale research, technology research and engineering practice. Over the past more than ten years, the extreme pressure after startup, scale development, stagnation, questioning four stages. Until (date) (month) (year) national energy bureau issued 'about accelerate the work of a batch of key project planning and construction of electric power of the notice, It sends power []) 。 This marks the uhv restart policy document published, uhv relevant enterprises on the market have been very encouraging. File is put forward, and will be in the fourth quarter of the year before the end of the article approved the uhv line. QiNian according to the market, the project construction, the total transmission capacity GW, bring about one hundred million yuan investment. From this policy document you can see, most of the uhv lines should be approved by the end of last year, but today, the country only approved the route. Obviously, this round of uhv restart speed is lower than expected. This may for uhv emphasis with state grid company. Since KouWei at the helm of the state grid company, put forward the 'two net' three type planning ( 'Three' the hub, platform, Shared; The 'two nets' strong smart grid and pan in the Internet of things) This year, especially attaches great importance to the construction of flood in the power of things. (date) (month) (year), after careful research and decision, the Chinese Academy of Engineering to the National Energy Administration submitted the study of the grid pattern in our country in the future, Years) Advisory opinions. The report, the use of the comprehensive question of ac uhv prospects, opposition between the regional power grid with ac uhv interconnected synchronous operation, internal regional power grid, due to huge investment, low efficiency, uhv is not necessary for the construction of communication. This is the first official authority against ac uhv consultancy report. This represents the Chinese Academy of Engineering's official attitude results give specific advice, is approved for uhv dc, but does not recognize ac uhv. But, while forward in uhv in dispute, or still hit, the state grid has become a global grid with the largest scale and highest voltage grade, the strongest power grid resource allocation ability, is the only global for the past years of blackouts happened not oversize power grid. Has been put into operation in the state grid 'eight straight 10' uhv, starting point is located in the area rich in energy resources, and where all in the central region - — These areas focus on the electricity consumption of our country's % above. Uhv long, made it possible to optimizing the allocation of resources across the country, has become the important way of green development. Uhv transmission technology is a major innovation in the field of energy power, is an important milestone in the history of the development of power industry worldwide.
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