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Three years meticulously restored cable materials to develop new products & # 45; - - - - - - - - - - - - Overhead conductors anticorrosive coatings ( 2007 - 10 - 3

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Three years meticulously restored cable materials to develop new products & #; & #; Overhead conductors anticorrosive coatings ( ) This data reproduced from 【 ckluo P The south cable network] 【 The south cable network] Due to the overhead conductor is usually set up in the coastal areas, areas heavily industrial pollution areas or salt fog, easy to make the steel core aluminum hinge line and the aluminum clad steel stranded wire overhead conductors such as erosion by all kinds of corrosive gas, so, the overhead conductor is an important measure for prevention of corrosion. Therefore, restored the third oil chemical industry workshop developed 'GL type overhead conductors anticorrosive coatings, the anticorrosion coating is simple to use, in front of the twisted, will be drawn after the single wire through a special mould for coated with a layer of thickness. ~. Mm anticorrosive coatings ( The first coating called 'light corrosion) 。 To get better antiseptic effect, can be in the process of wire overhead construction, again a anti-corrosion coat of paint on the surface of a overhead conductors ( The second coating called 'heavy-duty) 。 Wire after coating, not happen when ℃ high temperature flow, not cracks when ℃ low temperature, good corrosion resistance, the HS, SO, NaCL salt spray is neutral, wire will not occur corrosion, moisture absorption will not greater than %, good film-forming, adhesion strong, will not make wires produce local corrosion. Proved by experiments, the coating will not drip when ℃, ability of atmospheric corrosion and high temperature resistance, ageing resistance, can resist the ultraviolet ray in sunshine.
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