Armoured cables

Three classes of wire and cable

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] Wire and cable three class q P recently, cables in the industry according to the annual report of the enterprise, for each type of product gross margin of cable enterprise to carry on the classification and statistics, explored all kinds of the life cycle of the condition of a product, provides the reference for the selection of enterprise product strategy. In several of the cable industry listed companies of wire and cable product gross margin situation analysis, can press % and % for two line, wire and cable products can be divided into three levels: the first class, gross margin % or more, the main varieties are data cables, special cables, cable connectors, optical fiber composite overhead ground wire ( OPGW) , optical fiber composite overhead ground wire ( OPGW) , aerospace use high temperature resistant cable, the medium bearing type optical fiber cable ( ADSS) ; Wire and cable three classes of the second class, gross margin in the % ~ %, varieties mainly power cables, electrical equipment with wire and cable, Marine cables, carbon fiber composite wires, communications cables, building wire, high-frequency electrical wires, bare wires, communication; The third class, the gross profit margin is lower than %, varieties mainly overhead lines, photovoltaic and other cable, energy-saving conductor.
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