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There are 63 wire and cable unit into the top 500 China electrical industry sales income 2006

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] There's a wire and cable unit before entering the China electrical industry sales revenue is strong day Hao P in this year China electrical industry strong ranking Pang, wire and cable industry has strong companies enter the electrical industry sales revenue. Serial number ranking companies industry said product sales ( One thousand yuan) Jiangsu far east group Co. , Ltd. Qingdao han Cable group Co. , Ltd. Xing yue group Co. , Ltd. Bao sheng technology innovation Co. , Ltd. , Shanghai pudong wire and Cable group Co. , Ltd. , Fujian Nanping Sun Cable Co. , Ltd. Tianjin plastic power Cable group Co. , Ltd. Tianjin three thousand group Co. , Ltd guilin dragon when electrical wire and Cable Co. , Ltd. Xin city Co. , Ltd. , Shanghai huaxin lihua power Cable Co. , Ltd. , anhui Cable is always holding group Co. , Ltd. , jiangsu in the coal mine Cable Co. , Ltd. Deyang Cable Co. , Ltd. Guangdong nanyang Cable Co. , Ltd. , jiangsu long peak Cable Co. , Ltd. Guangdong nanyang Cable group Co. , Ltd. , zhejiang east Asia Cable Co. , Ltd. Guangzhou Cable factory yongjin Cable group Co. , Ltd. Wuxi electric wire factory in hebei tangshan city huatong Cable manufacture Co. , Ltd renqiu yongxing Cable factory in anhui xinke Cable Co. , Ltd. Xingtai Cable Co. , Ltd. , zhengzhou Cable ( Group) Co. , LTD. Tianjin beichen special cable factory Shanghai long pass cable co. , LTD. Tianjin cable factory Shanghai south of hua group co. , LTD. Tianjin nexon electromagnetic wire co. , LTD. Zhejiang into cable manufacturing co. , LTD. Guangzhou panyu wuyang cable manufacturing co. , LTD. Changsha than Rayleigh jinlong cable co. , LTD. Tianjin power cable co. , LTD. , Shanghai people electrical appliance group co. , LTD. Harbin cable factory zhejiang ntu cable co. , LTD. , Shanghai hongqi cable ( Group) Co. , LTD. , hengyang constant flying cable co. , LTD. , anhui cable co. , LTD. , tianjin with a wire and cable factory in fujian nanping wire and cable co. , LTD. , changshu cable factory in hebei Orient cable factory in wuxi city, yongfeng cable co. , LTD. Shandong kyushu electric wire factory of tianjin cable factory power cable factory sihuan shenyang cable cable manufacturing co. , LTD. , jiangxi cable co. , LTD. , shandong province, the source cable electric appliance co. , LTD. , zibo Great Wall cable manufacturing co. , LTD. Tianjin tianjin as wire and cable co. , LTD built laizhou dapeng electric power equipment co. , LTD. , zhengzhou yuhua wire and cable co. , LTD. Changzhou Marine cable co. , LTD. Hangzhou thousand island lake yong tong cable co. , LTD. Yixing city electric factory, anhui hua yu cable co. , LTD. , foshan zhongbao cable factory guangzhou lingnan cable co. , LTD. , nanjing days longitudinal wire and cable co. , LTD. , Shanghai pu large cable factory [in edited]
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