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The union workers' representatives meeting, power cable factory long-term development

by:AAA     2020-09-14
Union workers' representatives meeting, power cable factory long-term development in order to better gather feedback the employee suggestion or advice to the company leadership, safeguard the rights and interests of employees, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, combining with each department staff qualifications and its credibility among employees, through all aspects of the chosen employee representatives. On November 1, the workers' representatives meeting was held in the conference room. Group deputy general manager of production Lin Weijiang, wire and cable factory zhi-qiang li, vice general manager Mr. Li, the production department director manager Huang Yubin Sun Zhuoyang, quality and technology research and development manager, director of the office of Zhang Feng, production vice manager wang chao, the finance department section chief Yang jun, Hou Jinmei attended the meeting. Company deputy general manager Mr. Li presided over the meeting and introduced the process of employee representatives. Representatives of employees Hou Po qi, 15 to attend the meeting. Group deputy general manager of production Lin Weijiang are introduced, the duties of the employee representatives and hope delegates will be able to perform his duty, he said the company will be to provide the corresponding support representatives to carry out the activities. Then, by the head of each department on behalf of the company to each employee representative agencies and took a group photo. Finally, trade union chairman Hou Po qi introduced the development history of the union, explain the role of trade union in enterprise development, hope everybody take an active part in trade union representatives to carry out activities, delegates actively make recommendations for the future development of enterprises. Attached: the union employee representatives list: 1. Hou Po, a trade union chairman, Logistics department, section chief) 2. Hu sa sa ( Ministry of personnel, the section chief) 3. He Xinghai ( Security, captain) 4. Li-zhen Yang ( Finance, accounting) 5. Zhou Huaiyuan ( Quality management department, section chief) 6. Li brother ( The production department, workshop director) 7. WeiXiaoYong ( Production, handling group leader) 8. De-jun Chen ( The production department, the winding work) 9. Zhou Yanhui ( The production department, the winding work) 10. Roger zhu ( The production department, cabling work) 11. Tan with good ( The production department, extruded workers) 12. He party ( Sales headquarters, the section chief assistant) 13. Yang, often jiing ( Sales headquarters, warehouse controller) 14. Lin Zhongxiong ( Sales headquarters, the driver) 15. Wen-tao zhang ( Sales headquarters, warehouse controller)
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