The three most authoritative inspection and quarantine agencies in the world is introduced

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] The three of the world's most authoritative inspection and quarantine institutions to introduce BHGXJH P smoothly to the international transport of goods, inspection and quarantine is an essential link. This paper mainly introduces the international on the three most authoritative inspection and quarantine institutions, each owner of the goods at the time of inspection and quarantine, can take more attention to oh. A, China inspection certification ( Group) Co. , LTD. ( CCIC) English full name ChinaCertification& CCIC; 检查( 集团) 有限公司 ,Ltd. China inspection certification ( Group) Co. , LTD. Is established upon approval of the State Council, the state administration for industry and commerce registration, so far the only band ', 'China' to 'inspection, identification, certification and testing' as the main business of international inspection certification institution, China inspection certification ( Group) Co. , LTD. , in the domestic level of subsidiaries, the secondary companies and offices and joint venture companies, foreign companies and offices respectively, operating network has been all over the world important port, city and goods distribution center. Second, China entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau ( CIQ) CIQ English full name China EntryExit Inspection and quarantine as shorthand for the entry and exit Inspection and quarantine bureau usually around the original set by in the entry and exit health quarantine, animal and plant quarantine and import and export commodity Inspection agencies to merge, forming for entry-exit Inspection and quarantine institutions, and national entry-exit Inspection and quarantine bureau in the years with the state administration of quality supervision bureau merged to form the general administration of quality supervision, Inspection and quarantine of the People's Republic of China, branch is different, but the administration of local CIQ ( Inspection and quarantine bureau) At the local level in the nation's vertical management institutions, and quality supervision bureau is the place. Three, sgs-cstc standards technical services co. , LTD. ( SGS) SGS in English to the Societe Generale DE Surveillance S. 一个。 Based in Switzerland, SGS group founded in years, is a global leader in inspection, identification, testing and certification services and innovators, is recognized as the quality and integrity of the global benchmark. SGS group in the world, multiple branch offices and laboratories, close, employee, service network all over the world. SGS service capabilities covering agricultural, mining, petrochemical, industrial, consumer goods, automotive, life sciences and other industries of the supply chain upstream and downstream. In recent years, with professional testing and certification services for the company is committed to promoting economic, environmental and social harmonious win-win, for the domestic and foreign enterprises, government and institutions to provide comprehensive solutions for sustainable development. The three above is one of the world's most authoritative inspection and quarantine institutions the specific content of the introduction, generally speaking, most of the international cargo inspection and quarantine, is in the charge of these companies. Air freight bill of lading number query HTTP / / WWW. yunquna。 com/wlgj/airfreight。 HTML forwarder company HTTP / / WWW. yunquna。 com/help/about。 html
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