The submarine cable market & # 45; - - - - - - Cable companies new race

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] The submarine cable market & #; & #; Cable companies new race ZHDLDJ P' The cable network news 】 Submarine cable is still in its infancy a decade ago, after rising energy prices, promote environmental protection, offshore wind and frequent international grid construction and the development of power transmission and transformation technology, offshore oil drilling platform to build positive effects, such as submarine cable has great progress. China also gradually realized the potential development space of submarine cable, a lot of submarine cable companies are on the project, the current domestic have submarine cable production line. Zhongtian technology was established in zhongtian technology submarine cable co. , LTD. , indicates its formally enter the field of submarine cable, product has run more than five thousand kilometers. The shallow water, deep-sea fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable domestic market share of more than %; The submarine cable, submarine photoelectric composite cable domestic market share of more than %. Increasingly, through international certification, overseas orders. Prosper submerged in the construction, the annual production, years, prosper Marine petronas cooperation with the world's deployment of the Caspian sea oil platforms whole root kilometers sea cables and accessories project delivery smoothly, marked the prosper Marine comprehensive strength, including technical ability, to achieve 'world-class', out of the all-around international key step. Founded in ningbo Oriental cable company, drafted the submarine cable led the national standard, is the only master Marine umbilical cord cable design analysis and independent production of enterprises. 'Big length high voltage composite submarine cable photoelectric key technology research and development and industrialization' project product achieved great length high voltage composite submarine cable photoelectric localization, broke the product long time dependent on imports, to fill the domestic blank, for our island development, Marine oil field to solve a constraint. Equipment maker huawei was founded at the end of the joint venture company huawei Marine networks co. , LTD. , is committed to submarine cable communication market development of a series of high quality products, provide turnkey solutions and services worldwide. Announced in May this year signed with 'MCT customer alliance' Malaysia Cambodia, Thailand, MCT) Submarine cable system design and build contract. In the light of the submarine cable market increasingly broad, domestic cable companies can seize this opportunity to development and production, creating more investment opportunities for development.
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