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The state grid & quot; Three China & quot; Symposium held simultaneously

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] The state grid & quot; Three China & quot; Synchronous symposium held xuesong P month day, 'three China' synchronous power grid project headquarters in state grid company. Company party member Yang Qing, ShuYin puma, Cao Zhian, Li Ruge, ShuaiJun igawa to attend the lecture. Photography of the qin dynasty mirror the 'three China' synchronous power grid project directly under the party committee and the development planning department organized by the company, is the construction of learning-oriented headquarters, to carry out the 'grid pioneer BBS' one of the important activities. According to the company 'twelfth five-year' plan, to the years, the company will be 'three China, northwest, northeast three synchronous power grid, the state grid resource allocation ability, economic efficiency and safety level, technology level and improve intelligent level. Senior engineer, doctoral tutor, China electric power research institute director jian-bo guo power grid in China is to build and made a special report on the issues of security research. In the report, jian-bo guo combining scientific research data and the specific examples, this paper expounds the construction of the 'three hua' uhv synchronous network, security, and the necessity of innovation, points out that the construction of uhv grid synchronization of the 'three hua' is the grid development inevitably choice. This report to the general cadre staff in-depth understanding of the 'three hua' synchronous network knowledge, strengthen the implementation of the company party decision deployment of self-consciousness and firmness, accelerate the 'two change' play a positive role. Assistant general manager of the company, the total teacher ( Level) , consultant, the headquarters departments responsible comrades, researcher, head of the directly affiliated institutions in Beijing, and some of the workers' representatives participated in the report.
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