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The smart grid pull wire and cable enterprise development

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Smart grid pulling cable sanewcable P enterprise development at present, China's excess of low-end products, wire and cable industry the present situation of the high-end products in short supply, experts advise wire and cable industry should be according to the requirement of the national economy industrial policy and market demand, actively adjust the product structure, vigorously develop high-end products, take new economic growth point. Some wire and cable products market prospects look good, and there is a certain gap between supply and demand, wire and cable manufacturing enterprises concern. In the eleventh five-year plan itself, the 12th five-year plan open, wire and cable industry once again usher in a new stage of development. Following has just announced the second batch of smart grid, after the third batch of bidding results, recently learned that the national power grid in the fourth batch of bidding is imminent. Smart grid construction of centralized bidding, the chain enterprises is a bigger stimulus. Month, the national grid announced the second batch and the third batch of smart grid in the tender as a result, the years of three groups of bidding for a device, transformer, transformer, combination electric appliance and so on eight big class. JiXing iron tower in the national grid of qinghai golmud to Lhasa in Tibet dc network engineering tower project tender, the winning combined Angle steel tower. Ten thousand tons, the winning bids for. Ten thousand yuan, accounting for the company's revenues last year. %。 In addition, the change especially electrician company also won the bid a transformer package, including kV yong jing comes up out of power transmission and transformation project and kV changfeng commercial power transmission and transformation projects. Tender result contrast from two batches, whether from the product quantity and the winning enterprise than there's been a noticeable improvement in the first time, thus makes the market competition more fully. For the industrial chain, this is a good, to avoid the several companies dominant pattern. , but national energy bureau officials said a project subject to tender for the construction of smart grid, most of the smaller, more spread out, to undertake the project itself there is not too big, but the related equipment companies will be more steady positive influence, many wire and cable companies in the assigned to the rewards! From China cable network HTTP / / WWW. sanewcable。 com
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