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The smart grid construction gradually will start the domestic cable industry new opportunities

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Smart grid construction gradually start the domestic cable industry will welcome opportunities wochong P with the development of urbanization in our country, the construction of smart grid in China has gradually started, smart grid, as modern industry, on unmanned intelligent, efficient operation characteristics, will be the future development trend of the future power grid, the industry will usher in new opportunities. And as one of the most important supporting industry in the power grid construction, wire and cable industry has ushered in the broader market prospects and unprecedented new opportunities. China cable enterprise how to share the opportunity? Wire and cable, as one of the important supporting industries of national economy construction, wire and cable industry is second to the automotive industry in industrial machinery industry. According to statistics, China's wire and cable industry more than existing scale entrepreneurs, in the main business income in one hundred million yuan of above with enterprises, assets in one hundred million yuan of above with enterprises. In recent years, wire and cable industry, the average annual growth of more than % in the next few years, because of the late Chinese industrialization, the development of Chinese wire and cable industry speed will be higher than the growth of the national economy, is expected to reach more than %, especially the average annual growth of electric wire and power cable can be up to %. With the improvement of domestic industrialization level, the improvement of the infrastructure construction, the improvement of urbanization level, the cable industry is bound to mature, obvious polarization appear in the industry, increase of concentration of industries, including the United States has a market share of the top ten for % of the market, Japan's former six occupy market share %, % share the top five in France. Although the industry concentration degree is low, which leads to the cable industry market in the scatter market condition, but the wire and cable industry has maintained a high growth, rapidly improve production efficiency, product upgrading accelerate, product structure is reasonable, increasingly diversified capital structure in the industry, speeding up the marketization process; Especially in coastal and developed areas of wire and cable manufacturing obvious advantages, regional variation is widening. < DIV风格= ' TEXTALIGN中心'> < / DIV> according to a team of electric energy is expected: in the next five years China's power grid will usher in the golden age, wire and cable industry will appear 'opportunity'. With national policy and SGC for smart grid investment increasing, in line with national China lose, the implementation of the power grid renovation project, and the gradually establishment of urbanization in the coming years, is closely related to the transmission and distribution of wire and cable market capacity, will continue with considerable growth at an annual rate of % %, wire and cable industry will usher in new opportunities. ( Source: minxi network)
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