The six cable technology promote the development of new cable industry

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Six cable technology promote the development of new cable industry xianlan P in the next few years, high temperature superconducting technology, carbon fiber cable, environmental protection material, aluminum copper, aluminum, rare earth optimization technology, and 'thin small craft' the six big cable technology will help enterprise to win. High temperature superconducting technology has a relatively low price, large capacity, low loss, no electromagnetic pollution and other advantages, popular in the world, many countries have put the development of superconducting industry up to strategic height. Our country imported high temperature cable is about one hundred million yuan a year for domestic construction, superconducting applications in the global market is expected to reach $( About RMB) , about accounted for % share of the HTS cable. Therefore, the development and application of high temperature superconducting technology will be an important technology of the wire and cable industry in the future. Environmental protection cable with or without halogen nature, this kind of cable can not only play an ordinary cable insulation characteristics, and it can avoid when burning produces harmful substances. Overall, environmental protection cable to human and environmental non-toxic pollution-free, high safety and reliability, long service life, easy separation and recovery of circular economy mode, which will become the future mainstream cable market. Carbon fiber cable is also famous in recent years, carbon fiber cable as a traditional steel core aluminum stranded wire ( Bare wire) Alternative products, mainly used in KVKV lines. Grid companies through a large number of conventional wire replacement for the ACCC conductor, can realize the expanding electric instead of new lines, substantial cost saving land, tower, engineering and comply with the policy direction of energy saving and efficiency increasing. Million route line mall ( xianlan。 com) Hope everybody attention, put forward the proposal
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