The selection of cable accessories should pay more attention to cost performance

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] The selection of cable accessories should pay more attention to cost performance sanewcable P from the point of the current domestic usage, heat shrinkage and casting type cable head is more suitable for oil impregnated paper cable, but this kind of cable head production technology is complex, technical level of production personnel, production experience have higher requirements, and to make the environment also to have certain requirements. Cold head due to adopt silicon rubber material, production process does not need to hot, procedure is simple, suitable for cable tunnel, cable layer, such as a relatively closed space, in recent years has become the first selection of cable accessories. But for some units of radiation leaks and demanding, usually does not consider the cold type cable head. Comparison of price of the product, the cold head is hot shrinkage or pouring type cable head ~ times. Based on the above reasons, the author thinks that in investment project, cable accessories should be given priority to with hot shrinkage or pouring type cable head. Repair may be considered part of the cold head, in order to save time, resume sending as soon as possible. But there is a problem can't avoid, that is to strengthen the retraining of cable head production process and the improvement of production staff, because cable head production process there is no guarantee of quality, will be another power supply network security hidden danger. Acceptance of the cable line should be check? Homepage & gt;> The dynamic & gt;> Knowledge of cable & gt;> ( Recommend] Acceptance of the cable line should be check? I want to contribute time: articles from: ( Wire and cable network) Cable line items: ( ) Cable specifications should comply with the regulation, arrangement should be neat, no damage, the sign is complete, correct and clear; ( ) Fixed bending radius of cable, for distance and single-core power cable metal sheath wiring should conform to the requirements; ( ) Cable terminal, middle oil leakage, installation is firm, oil-filled cable oil pressure and the set values for the meter should comply with the requirements; ( ) Good grounding; ( ) Cable terminal phase color correct, bracket and other metal parts paint complete; ( ) In cable trench, tunnel, bridge rack should be without sundry, the cover plate is complete. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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