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The price movements of low-voltage electrical appliances market in China

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] In low voltage electrical appliances market price movements of xianlan P low-voltage users are mainly electric power industry, in addition to coal, metallurgy, petrochemical, construction and civil, low-voltage electrical appliances manufacturers of products, most by low voltage complete sets of equipment manufacturers to buy, then assembled into a distribution panel, power distribution box, screen protection, control panel, such as low voltage complete sets of equipment to sell to the user. Its characteristic is: ( ) Quantity bedding face is wide, it can be said that the national economy in all walks of life is inseparable from the low voltage electrical appliances. People's Daily life, also cannot leave the low-voltage electrical appliances. ( ) Specifications ( The number of voltage, current, protection,) , the complicated environmental conditions ( Altitude, temperature, humidity, pollution, etc. ) 。 ( ) Users about the quality of the low voltage electrical appliances ( Appearance, reliability and life expectancy, volume, etc. ) More and more attention, products quality, and the price is low, both energy saving and no pollution products popular. In the existing low voltage electrical appliances product market prices: ( ) Product prices generally perform profession ZiLvJia in state-owned enterprises, according to ZiLvJia sales products between industry association member units, not on wild speculations, nor price dumping. ( ) Not often in industry association industry association member units' ZiLvJia ', according to the needs of your company establish a product sales price. Ex-factory price, preferential price, retail price and batch ex-factory price is multifarious, harm the interests of customers, is not conducive to fair competition between the enterprises and economic benefits. ( ) Some foreign electronics co. , LTD. At home to do some of the company or a joint venture company's product prices are higher than the domestic price of the product. Some big companies abroad in the past two years in order to use domestic low-voltage electrical appliances market, has been the trend of prices, but the reduction is not too big.
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