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The power industry, the future look at the six major industries

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] The power industry, the future look at the six major industries. KMxtdxdl P【 According to the west of yunnan Thai wire and cable co. , LTD. , has learned 】 Energy, the Internet is a new information fusion energy 'wan', it with power grid as the 'backbone', such as micro network, distributed energy energy autonomous units for 'LAN', to open the energy equivalence of information integration architecture to realize the two-way on-demand transmission of energy and the use of dynamic balance, so you can maximize access to adapt to the new energy, is an important symbol of a new generation of industrial revolution tide, also is an important part of intelligent power grid and the future development of cutting edge. Energy industry, Internet technology, research and development of cutting-edge change. Released in China in the seven strategic emerging industries, energy the development of Internet industry will directly drive the six big strategic emerging industries, Energy conservation and environmental protection industry, a new generation of information technology industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new energy industry, new material industry, new energy vehicles) Development of fusion, encourage the industry to upgrade. Energy Internet industry will create a series of new energy equipment manufacturing ( Energy such as energy hubs, switches, routers) , energy network operators ( As well as virtual operator) Energy, information, system integrators, such as information fusion energy application developers, although similar to the Internet, but attached to energy content, so it is of great industry scale and broad market prospect, new business models will emerge. In recent years, Internet related industry rapid development momentum, and energy in some areas have made new breakthrough, lay a good foundation for its further development. But also to the problems arising from the development and face the challenge of reflection and summarized. In technology innovation level, first of all, large-scale distributed energy acceptance and routing transport will bring serious control problem of large power grid, etc. ; Second, the energy of the Internet industry involves network, communication, electric power, energy storage, power electronics, new energy and other fields cross fusion technology, technology of breakthrough technology, a lot of investment. Original technology in the field of these techniques in our country is too little, especially new materials, power electronics and electronic components such as key areas, our foreign dependence at %. Compared with other developed countries, our country still left the capital, technology and market strategy highs at abroad, and the introduction of low threshold low value-added downstream products manufacturing. Develop energy Internet cannot ignore basic technology, energy should be developed around the Internet's main goal, to carry out the basic key technology research and development, to encourage the original technology, the final mastery of core technology to support energy Internet industry. Market competition environment, although during the 'twelfth five-year' energy Internet related some of the industry in the national key support for the rapid development of photovoltaic industry, for example, but it also caused the excess part of the industry's rush crisis. Energy involves the open Internet network, break the existing grid distribution changed with the pattern of the hair, but energy and electric power industry market is still in the relatively closed monopoly situation, these unfavorable to develop energy open Internet widely interconnected of equation. Energy for the development of the Internet to build a good competition in the market environment also depend on the energy of power system reform process in China. Energy industry policy, the emergence of the Internet will have on the relationship between energy supply and energy market operation, technology research and development and industries have a profound impact. Now, the Chinese government currently is still the energy Internet industry itself into the overall economic and social development layout, overall has not formed into a wide range of social cognition. Way of government support, the lack of energy in our country at present the Internet, smart grid, the wisdom city, Internet of things, cloud computing technologies such as overall planning, development and integration of the two should be led by the government and the leadership, standing in the Angle of national overall benefit maximization, adhere to the strategy guide, key breakthrough, clear direction to energy strategic priority to the development of the Internet to promote production, close cooperation, as soon as possible to carry out a full range of research and thinking, clear core idea, the development purpose and the anticipated effect, avoid in their own way in every field, unrelated and cohesion, such problems as low efficiency, waste of resources. Energy in the future, the Internet industry is a strategic and marketability have both at the same time, the industry will become the important strategic ways to solve the current human dilemma of sustainable development. Energy, therefore, the Internet industry is not only the future years to deal with the sources of energy, resources and environment, ecological construction, the important measures for energy conservation and environmental protection, etc, but also our country quite a long time to grab the future global competition strategic high ground. Construction of energy for the future of the Internet is a huge and complicated system engineering, need from system architecture, technical research and development, standards, policy design, and other aspects and links of building energy system of Internet technology and industry development. The way should be from small to large, from simple to complex, from experiment to demonstrate, to mature and promotion. Energy research and construction of the Internet need to build a power system, information technology, power electronics, energy storage interdisciplinary research team of experts, to determine a group of subjects has further research value, form a certain technological breakthrough, the construction of a certain size of demonstration projects, driving the development of a number of related industries. Wire and cable industry leader in kunming in yunnan province west's wire and cable co. , LTD. ( Kunming electric wire factory) Thank you for your attention! Wire and cable industry leader in kunming in yunnan province west's wire and cable co. , LTD. ( Kunming electric wire factory) Thank you for your attention! [delete 蒢 memory in edited]
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