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The new series of halogen-free wire

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] New halogen-free wire fatty P series flame retardant and abrasion resistance of the double feature guhe electrical and industrial development of new chemical crosslinking technology and flame resistance and wear resistance of double performance machine with halogen-free wire - — Flame resistant wear resistant series (new technology Since the name) 。 In the future as the degrees of common plastic wire replacement, and the integration trend. Now the company production machine thread ( The electronic line) The average monthly sales - Billion yen, this new series wire sales targets: year billion yen per month; Years - Billion yen. Now this series wire in chiba factory production, will entrust other factory agent production in China in the future. New type of crosslinking new halogen-free product table wire and PVC wire temperature rating of the rated voltage product name before r&d product name ℃ VULECOACEPLUS VULUL ( ℃。 (五) ULUL( ℃。 (五) VULUL( ℃。 ) UL VULECOACEPLUSRUL ( ℃。 (五) VULUL( ℃。 (五) The fire resistant abrasion line series will no longer use irradiation technology, but the new crosslinking technology, resin and flame retardant materials ( Metal hydrates) Chemical combination between strong, has good mechanical properties and wear resistance, abrasion resistance is common products ever - Times. Ago, halogen-free wire on the working procedure such as plugs, wires of the surface of the sheath serious scratch occur frequently, so halogen-free wire often rejected by some assembly manufacturers, let the halogen free line has the same performance and ordinary PVC wire, has become our main research topic. Before this new technical points are: chemical crosslinking technology is the crosslinking between polymer and polymer, and the new technology is crosslinking between polymer and polymer, polymer and also produces crosslinking between flame retardant agent. In Japan, had applied for multiple patents in China. The fire resistant wear-resisting technology's main features are: (1) has a good wear resistance; 2 with PVC wire and the performance of the ordinary; (3) do not contain elements of ROSH instructions, no halogen, no antimony; (4) corresponding to the size of UL, CSA. Recent halogen-free wire is adopted by OA machine manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers gradually, some requirements in the middle of the users of halogen free, sometimes there is no such requirement, is in a state of a variable, so the development of the space is very large. Beginning in Europe will formally implement ROSH instructions, we assumed that the demand of halogen-free wire will increase dramatically.
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