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The manufacturers of DSL show 100 MBPS on copper wire transmission technology

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] The manufacturers of DSL display Mbps on copper wire transmission technology lishi P key U. S. DSL Mbps transmission technology in this paper, the manufacturers of DSL display Mbps on copper wire transmission technology. In the recently held in California 'Fast. net Futures' meeting, the two manufacturers of DSL Ikanos and Metalink showed off their latest research results, a can in a pair of copper wires to transmit data at a rate close to Mbps DSL equipment. It is understood that two companies' products in performance is the same, the effective transmission distance is m, and said will soon can increase the transmission rate to megabits per second. Led the world in the aspect of network access has been Japan and South Korea have announced will configure the latest DSL equipment. In addition, Metalink company also shows the other a DSL equipment for long-distance transmission, the effective transmission distance of kilometers. On the conference, the cable companies have also announced to the world in the next few years the development of the roadmap, said in one to two years to improve the transmission speed of cable to Mbps, and prices will fall. Let's compare the existing cable or DSL connection rate, can we find these describes what a tempting prospects. Cox telecommunications company, just put it by cable cable transmission rate. Mbps to Mbps, and through a software package called 'Premier' increase the number again, but also just Mbps download speed and Kps upload speed. Comcast cable of maximum transmission rate has been around megabits per second, but relative to the DSL way, this is very good. Want to know the baby bells are currently the average download speed of DSL connection is provided. 千字节/秒。
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