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The main technical points of the three major affecting the service life of optical fiber cable

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] The main technical points of the three major affecting the service life of cable SXXLJT P optical fiber cable industry has experienced many years of development, now has entered the peak of a replacement. Therefore, optical fiber cable life topic in wire and cable industry also has attracted much attention. Due to the cable in the process of actual use by external environment, internal quality difference is bigger, so the cable product life problem is more complex. For now the industry is put forward three technical points affecting the service life of optical fiber cable. , optical fiber coating materials and the cause of the fiber loss increase drawing technology mainly include hydrogen stress cracking, optical fiber, optical fiber, optical cable optical fiber after years of measured by the actual use, its geometric properties, mechanical properties, in place of characteristics, optical properties, such as macro performance basic no change, through methods such as scanning electron microscopy (sem) found that fiber optic no obvious abnormal phenomenon such as micro cracks. But a significant difference in the optical fiber coating, high modulus, coating closely, peel strength of optical fiber attenuation increased significantly under the nm, nm wavelength. 2, ointment filling type design fine paste are closely contact with fiber oily substance and is based on mineral oil or synthetic oil mixture, to cut off water and lubrication buffer effect to the fiber, through the macroscopic observation form and test oil oxidation induction period to assess fiber paste performance. Oil acid value increases after oxidation can lead to increase hydrogen evolution, at the same time have an effect on the stability of the optical cable structure after the oil oxidation, resulting in a decline in yield stress and such optical fiber in vibration, impact, bending, temperature change, topography and geological changes are under the influence of stress, such as less fiber paste on the cushion of the fiber, thus decrease the reliability of the cable. Fine paste direct contact with optical fiber, it is the most important indirect cause fiber performance deterioration. Production in fiber optic cable in different periods of actual testing found that fine paste with the change of time and slow degeneration. First is usually assembled into small particles, then gradually evaporate, decomposition, dried up. For fiber optic cable directly buried or pipeline in central China, fine cream start apparent degeneration, typical for years. Three, pine casing size pine casing size's influence on the life of optical fiber cable in the more comprehensive stress aspects. When the size through the hours, the temperature changes, mechanical stress, filler and changes in factors such as the interaction of optical fiber, optical fiber on the stress x-rated, thus make optical fiber attenuation increases, aging phenomenon. This is affecting the optical cable product life of the three major technical points, hope you pay attention to, and improved, can produce a better cable products. Special recommendation: 'Shen Xing cable group' little theatre, copper: provide daily copper, the mechanical characters are watching tired ~ try copper theater! ! ! ! Scan the qr code to bring tickets:
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