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The latest development of new energy charging pile

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] The latest development of new energy charging pile wyn P, the ministry said the new energy vehicles subsidies fell, years electric pile construction is still faster. New energy vehicles subsidies than lower %, local financial subsidies shall not exceed the central fiscal bicycle subsidy %. , recently, the state grid to release social responsibility report from the public. Commitment, total investment one hundred million yuan, e-commerce transactions worth RMB one hundred million. Complete years new access within an enterprise. Than a charging pile, cumulative access charging a. The current access charging pile more than million. Strive to charging pile over a year. A enterprise research and development of new energy automobile, the chongqing 'flash' filling wire and cable; Through strict audit certification company in the United States, the world automobile industry quality management system certification. At present, the new product has part of the market. , recently, the National Development and Reform Commission of guangdong province, the letter committee, department of environmental protection jointly issued 'guangdong province' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning 'energy saving and emission reduction', realize the whole province, thousands of new energy car ownership; Accounts for the province's new energy bus ownership than % above, the pearl river delta accounted for more than than %, including electric bus accounted for %. Shenzhen, guangzhou, foshan pure electric bus accounted for %. , recently, gree electric appliances with zhuhai silver long reach no more than hundred million each year prior purchasing cooperation; Zhuhai silver long as of (date) (month) (year) total assets. One hundred million yuan; Silver after lung and shareholding restructuring 'lanzhou yutong' %, years billions to build new energy industry base.
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