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The large cross-section wire the uhv era demand

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Uhv age large cross-section wire demand wochong P in order to meet the needs of the electric power construction in our country large-scale, long-distance transmission, the development of large capacity, long distance, low dissipation of uhv transmission is urgently needed. Recent frequent release a positive signal from the national level, heralding the uhv power transmission in construction peak, and as a protection of uhv run large cross-section wire is also the exuberant demand period. According to the national grid development planning, to year, the national grid will be built 'five longitudinal and five horizontal uhv ac and back into the uhv dc project, interregional transmission capacity. Million kilowatts, with a total investment. One trillion yuan. Uhv transmission can achieve a wide range of resources configuration, effectively save the land resources, saving construction investment and operation cost, reduce the impact of environmental pollution by coal excellent characteristics, such as research and development of the larger section overhead conductors become guarantee the important link of the construction of uhv grid. The adoption of large cross-section wire technology can improve the transport corridor power circuit unit, effectively reduce the line loss, engineering investment cost and operation cost, is to realize the network energy consumption and promote the importance of environmental protection technology, has significant economic benefit and broad application prospects. Large cross-section wire is development and application of state grid corporation for type 'two type of sanxin transmission line construction, the focus of the work. At present, the square millimeter, square millimeter, square millimeter more than large cross-section wire technology is widely used in domestic ehv and uhv line. Series is by far the biggest domestic application of uhv dc transmission with wire, series type line of stranded wire is more special products that have not been used at home and abroad. And dc by the ministry of national power grid has already started to square millimeter of large cross-section wire was developed. Construction of uhv grid as the world's cutting-edge technology field, demanding of cable products. In uhv project in China for foreign companies such as ABB eyeing up this big cake, domestic cable manufacturing enterprises want to take the cake, technology and the material is placed in front of two hurdles. Domestic cable manufacturing enterprises need to seize market opportunities, combining production, study and research, make enterprise technology to walk in front of its Chinese independently. ( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC)
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