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The key to low voltage electric appliance part development in China

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Key day Hao P low pressure electric appliance part development in our country the traditional low-voltage distribution system in our country the production capacity and product level have been close to or reach the level of similar products. But in the aspects of automation, intelligent, informatization development with the world advanced level and larger gap. Although the low-voltage distribution system in our country existing remote telemetry functions, such as key components have intelligent serial communication interface, but in the traditional intelligent power distribution control system is hard to play its function. In the field of automation is characterized by the development of fieldbus technology and its application of information technology has become the main direction of future development. Both industrial automation, building automation, power plant automation, petrochemical and other fields, field bus technology has entered the stage of commercial use. The fieldbus technology is the inevitable result of the development of automation technology. The fieldbus FB ( FieldBus) Is to realize the digital communication field level equipment of an industrial site layer network statistics. On the one hand, the field measurement control device interconnection for communication network, implement different network segment and information sharing between field communications equipment; On the other hand, the field running all kinds of information to stay away from the scene of the control room, in order to further control network connection with upper management and information sharing. Can be both a field device operation parameters, such as state and fault information sent to the control room, and can be a variety of control, maintenance, configuration commands sent to the relevant work in the field devices etc and even the field devices, and communication between production process scene level control devices and the connection between the control and management. Fieldbus technology develops very fast, so far, the main bus protocol is applied to various occasions there have been dozens of, the most widely used, but the market potential larger concentrated in the PROFIBUS, the Control NET, InterBUS and industrial Ethernet this major bus protocol. For power distribution system, in order to realize the function requirement, the world's major distribution companies in the field of the corresponding research and development, so this technology and applications due to the development of fieldbus technology got rapid development in the late ninety s. In addition to the capacity increases, the company's products marked characteristics is to be able to realize the intelligent power distribution system, such as the SIVACON series of Siemens company, schneider company Digipact intelligent power distribution system ( Can be used in the company of PRISMA, MASTERBLOC series products) , moeller companies MODAN series products and so on, these products of intelligent system configuration is based on the fieldbus, PROFIBUS and MODBUS and some main bus within a firm. No matter the bus way they can realize intelligent system of multiple demands.
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