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The investment Banks 57 founder members gathered in Beijing China into the first shareholder

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] The investment bank, a founder members gathered in Beijing the first shareholder useful P today in China, a founding member of the senior officials in Beijing, sign the articles of association of the investment bank. In China's GDP has overtaken Japan as the world's second, under the premise of not to join the investment bank in the United States, China will get the largest equity, the investment Banks become the Banks the first shareholder. According to a first intention founding member than signed the memorandum on the preparation of investment Banks, and investment Banks will with gross domestic product ( GDP) Measure of economic weight as the basis of national distribution of shares. Among them, the members of the Asian equity proportion between % %, assign excess % % equity beyond Asia countries. Sources said, China is expected to have % of the voting rights in the investment bank, but the Treasury has yet to publish relevant data. % of the voting rights mean? In accordance with the general principles of the multilateral institutions, investment Banks more than any decisions need to be/members agreed to and % votes, % equity makes China actually has a veto. But in fact, China as the establishment of the investment bank, the countries in the future the Banks involved in the project must be the composition of China actively functioning behind it. In addition, the investment bank is committed to solve the problem of Asian infrastructure investment, its tolerance is strong, exercise the veto does not comply with the aim of the investment bank was founded. Currently most likely to set up the investment Banks branches are two South Asia Europe and southeast Asia area. Europe will mainly focus on the British London and Frankfurt, Germany two cities compete, London and Frankfurt is the financial center of Europe, the financial sector is relatively developed, but the radiating surface of the Frankfurt to Europe is more wide, influence is also higher in London, is likely to be the investment bank in the center of Europe. Asia, or between India and Indonesia will also produced a new regional centers and investment Banks. The infrastructure construction of the two countries are relatively backward, is looking for a lot of money to build new roads, ports and Bridges. From the perspective of demand, India or Indonesia is likely to become a regional center of the investment Banks in Asia. Even from the aspects of regional balance considerations, but the investment bank will eventually focus on those who need more funds for the infrastructure construction of regional and form regional centers set up branch.
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