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The international market prices change situation analysis

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Changes in the international market price of copper analysis mlship P since may, under the hype of speculative capital, international market prices to record highs. 6%. Since then, the 'roller coaster' phenomena of sharp fluctuations in copper prices, fell to the biggest since last year. London metal exchange (on May 19, LME) 6%, the biggest single-day rise; On the day of the New York mercantile exchange copper futures prices rose by 12%. At the end of may, the international copper prices remain at 8200 ~ 8300 dollars/ton. 57 times. 3%, increased by 149% than the same period last year. Represented by copper non-ferrous metal prices rise continuously, mainly affected by factors such as speculative buying, falling inventories. Since this year, the global economic situation is good, the demand to maintain steady growth, and copper consumption season 3 ~ 5 months. 49%. Therefore, the market for copper price is generally bullish, global speculative money aggressively into pushing prices higher. Since this year, the global money for speculative non-ferrous metals increased significantly. Now in the commodity market index fund investment of about 80 billion ~ 120 billion dollars, of which 15% or so into copper, aluminum and other metal market, the price has played a role. At the same time, also to prop up the price of copper inventories. 10000 tons, fell by 25% from a year earlier. Decline in addition, also is the main reason that prices are higher. From the movements of the late, speculative funds at present and no obvious signs of profit-taking, also hard to appear in the short term inventory increased dramatically, so still does not exclude the copper prices continue to rise up under the fund speculation and sharp fluctuations in May. But from the long term, the current copper price has significantly more than its real value, a month or two is expected to fall. However, it is difficult to rapidly emerging in alternative, Europe and the United States, demand growth as well as the exploration and production under the condition of cost increased, copper prices fell space is limited. Is expected to close to a period of time, the international market price of copper is still likely to remain high volatility.
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