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The international advanced level of environmental protection wires and cables is introduced Wire and cable

by:AAA     2020-09-11
The international advanced level of environmental protection wires and cables is introduced to send to introduce international advanced environmental protection wires and cables globledata refers to the wire material is environmental protection green wire. And materials including insulation materials, conductor material, shielding material. Insulation, such as PVC, PVC) , irradiation crosslinking of polyvinyl chloride ( XLPVC) , irradiation crosslinking polyethylene ( XLPE) , low smoke zero halogen ( Halogenfree) , silicone rubber, teflon telflon and so on. Insulating materials of environmental protection, the main is the eu RoHS environmental protection directive and eu environmental regulations on children's toys containing no P ( NonP) , that is, does not contain phthalates. Now is the most environmentally friendly low smoke zero halogen, entirely without halogen element. The most common is the copper conductor material. Copper is bare copper ( Have called brass, copper) , tin plated copper, silver plated copper wire, etc. , these a few kinds of nature or copper, just plating on the surface of other material. Now on the market there are copper clad aluminum, copper conductor BaoGang do. If the electrical performance requirements of high copper nature is best. Is the main conductor of the environmental protection requirements do not contain heavy metals ( RoHS) 。 Environmental protection cable refers to do not contain lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury and other heavy metals, does not contain bromine flame retardants, accepted by SGS inspection agencies for environmental performance testing, in line with the eu environmental directives ( 罗什) And higher than the requirements of the indicators. Does not produce harmful halogen gas, do not produce corrosive gas, burning less fever, do not pollute the soil of wire and cable. The main technical indicators:. Rated voltage: a/V and below. 。 Cable conductor highest working temperature should be allowed for a long time not more than, ℃ respectively. 。 Cable combustion smoke density in accordance with GB/T ( Equivalent IEC) Standard requirement, light transmittance p %. 。 Cable halogen acid content test in accordance with GB/T ( Equivalent IEC) A standard to ask. ( ) PH value or greater. ( ) Conductivity mu s/mm or less. The flame retardant properties of the cable meets the requirements of GB/T. 。 Cable toxicity index or less.
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