The general picture of copper consumption situation in our country

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] The general picture of copper consumption situation in our country ckluo P this article reprinted from 【 The south cable network] 'Chinese copper demand is stable, on the copper constitute a strong support, but it is insufficient copper rose to provide sufficient power'. In yesterday by the China minmetals group and the metal joint '4th China copper conference held on the above viewpoint, domestic experts attending the meeting. And this with the international popular so-called 'China factor' cause very different copper prices soaring rhetoric. At present, a new round of copper processing investment boom, is driving domestic copper consumption is growing rapidly. Relevant data show that, in the main output with copper industry has a significant growth. Among them, metal smelting equipment, motor, ac motor, a microcomputer, mobile communication base station equipment, freezers and other products of growth were above the %. Month, apparent consumption copper. , an increase of ten thousand tons. %, copper production. , an increase of ten thousand tons. % of production, consumption growth were higher than in the years of growth. Jiangxi copper's general manager Jiang Changwu jinrui futures pointed out that, China's copper demand is stable, could pose strong support to copper, but it is less than copper rose to provide enough power. Jiang Changwu said, China % of global copper consumption, China's strong growth, involving the copper consumption power, electrical appliances and a few major industries such as real estate, presents good development trend, China's copper demand is stable. But at present, China's imports of focus is turning to copper resources ( Copper concentrate and the copper scrap) Aspects, under the background of steady growth of demand in China, the contradiction between shortage of copper resources and smelting capacity expansion will become the focus of afternoon market. Chinalco Zhang Xuefeng LuoTong futures company manager also take a similar view. He thinks that, China's copper processing material production, consumption will maintain steady growth in a long time, but the impact of the high copper prices to the consumer is significant. He pointed out that, different industries, different products due to its electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, the characteristics of price sensitivity of different industries, as well as different requirements, the performance of the copper processing material copper levels corresponding to the copper processing material in these industries effect on consumption of each are not identical. According to his analysis, if long-term high copper, aluminum strap contemplating the set of transformer market share rapid growth inevitably. Since years, aluminum processing enterprises of transformer with orders have risen sharply. Now part of the transformer manufacturer in KVA power transformer in the following part use aluminum strap contemplating the group. In addition, due to the current copper prices are high, communications cable conductor by the pure copper to copper clad aluminum and copper clad steel. Copper clad aluminum wire with pure copper wire under the condition of the same length and diameter, copper clad aluminum wire can use less two-thirds of copper, copper clad aluminum instead of pure copper cable field trend of the development of faster and faster. Also, air conditioner, copper tube, car radiator, and other areas of the specific copper consumption, will also impact due to high raw material prices.
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