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The gap in the current wire and cable industry

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Wire and cable industry in the current gap sanewcable P wire and cable is an important industry in national economic development, after years of construction, especially in the years of the rapid development of China's reform and opening up, now products meet the rate is as high as more than %, the Chinese market meet the rate is as high as more than %, production capacity has greatly surpassed the market demand. Because the country attaches great importance to the construction of infrastructure, such as urban and rural power grid reformation, the development of the information superhighway, booming of communication, and upgrading of electrical equipment and the requirement of energy conservation, etc. , will certainly to varieties of wire and cable and horizontal continuously put forward new requirements. At present, China's only % cable varieties can accept to the international market and can participate in the competition level, and % cable urgently needs to improve the level of product variety and quality, in the next period the growth of the demand will not have the too big, but the demand for variety and level will be apparent in the development of a. The speeding development of wire and cable industry has stimulated the rapid development of the special equipment for wire and cable. For decades, wire and cable industry has spent nearly one hundred million yuan to buy special equipment for wire and cable, spent about one hundred million yuan per year on average. At present, wire and cable industry are adjusting product structure, variety, on levels of prosperity period has come, competition is more intense. 'Small but specialized, small and exquisite,' creating famous brand ', 'strengthening the specialization collaboration' and 'establishing makers and professional parts factory strategic Allies' such as industrial organization has been confirmed. Forecast during the period of '11th five-year plan', each special wire and cable equipment factory seize the characteristics of a product to its brand, gradually formed a product of the professional production factory, automation make a comprehensive research, and gradually establish makers and professional parts manufacturer of industrial organization form of strategic alliance, joint efforts, to improve China market share, economies of scale in production, gradually developed with characteristic of Chinese wire and cable special equipment of world famous brand enterprises. The existing gap between the domestic wire and cable industry leading products of key production equipment can not meet the needs of the development of industry, the lagging in digestion and absorption, development cycle is long, resulting in a large number of imports. Compared with the electric wire electric cable dedicated equipment abroad, most of the equipment technical level gap is still large, mainly in the production efficiency is low, do not have a high level of automation, energy consumption is larger, on-line detection is not complete, can * sex is poorer, after-sales service is not in a timely manner. Special wire and cable equipment manufacturers dispersed repetitive severe, the product is similar, lack both on behalf of the industry level, internationally competitive large enterprises or enterprise groups, has not formed product features, and according to the organization for economic scale production of professional and collaborative production. http / / www。 sanewcable。 Com cable dedicated equipment manufacturers face many difficulties, the market competition is intense, profits down, their technical reform, developing power shortage. Electrical equipment factory is manufacturing technology is still in the phase of mechanized production, with foreign industrial developed countries began the development of computer control flexibility, intelligence, integration into the characteristics of the automatic production, compared to phased gap exist in production technology.
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